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The course Business Transformation by RealEstateU will show you the complete guidance to start a 6+ figure business in the game-changing market real estate. 

What is Business Transformation?

Business Transformation is the road map to a six-figure income that enables you to earn as you study the proven, game-changing technique that is improving the lives of real estate investors worldwide. This course was intended for real estate investors who desire immediate money, a proven strategy to help them sell more properties, and the ability to conduct more transactions than they ever imagined possible.

Business Transformation
Business Transformation

Business Transformation is the ideal real estate investing curriculum for investors of all levels of expertise and income aspirations. Whether you want to purchase and sell a few properties in your leisure time to generate some additional cash flow, or you want to change your life each year with a new income stream, RealEstateU’s Business Transformation program may help you do both.

How does the training program Business Transformation by Real Estate U work?

Knowing that your projects will always have access to capital provides you with the piece of mind that most investors never experience. Additionally, it will provide you a significant advantage over your rivals. This comprehensive training program system atrizes the whole real estate purchasing and selling process. It teaches you how to implement marketing methods that will expose your properties to highly motivated investors/sellers/buyers.

Business Transformation provides you with a turnkey real estate investment method. Therefore, whether you’re considering investing in real estate for the first time or are an experienced rehabber looking for more efficient ways to find deals, or you’ve been around the block a few times and want a more structured way to collect larger profits, Business Transformation provides exactly what you need.

What awaits you in the course Business Transformation

  • How to crush it on a fire system with buyers
  • Each month, we’re building a strong list of 100 motivated sellers.
  • The low-cost/free methods for locating offers that nobody else can get except you
  • Purchasing targeted lists of hidden vendors in need of a buyer
  • How to hack a hud and steal properties from under your rivals’ feet
  • The 31 hidden hud hints and tricks
  • How to enhance your seller lead flow
  • How to accelerate the flow of transactions via your pipeline
  • The seller meeting: obtaining an affirmative response to your bids
  • How to get large wholesale agreements on a contract basis
  • How to get excellent pre- and post-acute care bargains under contract
  • How to choose your contracting team so that you are constantly working with high-quality contractors
  • From start to completion, reworking a transaction
  • From start to end, reworking a deal: the whole style guide
  • Cleaning, staging, and preparing the property for a rapid sale
  • Properly pricing your properties ensures that they sell quickly and for the highest possible price. Seven-day sale
  • Property showings and negotiating win-win contracts with your buyers
  • How to get profit checks
  • And much more.

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Andrew Anic and Ciprian Morariu created RealEstateU in January 2013. While obtaining a Master’s degree in real estate finance at New York University, Andrew collaborated with Ciprian, an entrepreneur, to create an online video library of practical and cheap real estate courses. RealEstateU started by developing a series of real estate investment courses for budding entrepreneurs, taught by faculty from New York University and numerous seasoned real estate investing professionals around the nation.

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