Real World Hypnosis: Identity By Design – David Snyder


By the end of David Snyder’s course Real World Hypnosis: Identity by Design you will be able to hypnotize anyone, anywhere, at any time with critical skills.

Master and apply the hypnotizing skills in therapy with Real World Hypnosis: Identity by Design course by David Snyder

If you are prepared to be a powerful hypnotizer, and immediately and automatically develop a powerful hypnotic language that will make you and others change on demand, take action and join Real World Hypnosis: Identity by Design with David Snyder. This strong training in hypnosis will provide you with the specific abilities that you need to become a powerful hypnotherapist to melt emotional problems of people and cure them from suffering. 

Real World Hypnosis is David’s most comprehensive hypnosis training and certification curriculum, which educates you on essential areas that can immediately be put into practice. It focuses mostly on rigorous training and training so that you may immediately install these abilities in your subconscious mind and utilize them automatically every time you perform a session. You will learn the mysteries of identity and how to use your own personal image and the image of others to achieve tremendous change. 

Here is what you expect to learn from the course Real World Hypnosis: Identity by Design of David Snyder:

  • A whole new paradigm of how the mind/body interacts (and how you can use it for therapy)
  • The fundamental hypnotic ideas and concepts that will propel you into the top 1% of hypnotherapists
  • The seven-stage personality transformation process enables you to implant and modify any personality feature desired in a client.
  • How to erase particular bad occurrences from a client’s prior history in a methodical manner
  • How to instill strong emotional driving states in a client that will naturally propel them to success
  • How to retrain your inner voice to automatically empower you
  • How to methodically rewrite your own personal history so that you only recall positive events in your life
  • The potent “womb of eternity” method that enables you to create the person you desire
  • How to include the features, characteristics, and attributes of the people you like naturally
  • Instantaneous pain-relieving methods

This curriculum is a comprehensive certification for hypnosis that will give you the ability to hypnotize everyone wherever. Join David Snyder in the installation of such skills, so you have access to them anytime you wish. Order Real World Hypnosis: Identity by Design today to become a powerful hypnotherapist. 

Meet your trainer David Snyder

David Snyder

David Snyder is internationally renowned as a pioneer in the fields of hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming. If you’ve previously trained with David, you’ll be back for more. If you are unfamiliar with David’s work, be prepared for an open-minded experience while utilizing his tried-and-true verbal and covert transformation techniques. David’s passion and conviction that hypnosis is a life skill has resulted in the development of new and innovative ways for training and educating prospective hypnotists in all aspects of their lives in order to increase their confidence, competence, and effectiveness.

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