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In the course Copywriting Academy 2, Ray Edwards will walk you through a thorough process of creating compelling email marketing and other content formats. 

Introducing the course Copywriting Academy 2 by Ray Edwards

Are your emails being filtered as spam? Do you get just positive feedback from your mother, or worse, your grandmother? Do you struggle to articulate why your product is excellent without sounding boastful? Ray’s copywriting course will teach you how to produce compelling emails and heartwarming blog entries. 

Copywriting is a skill that everyone can learn, and this person could teach an eight-year-old to create amazing copy. It is your responsibility to develop an attractive offer – something Ray Edwards also discusses within Copywriting Academy 2. If you’re a freelance copywriter, you’ll also like this course since Edwards discusses tactics for attracting clients and adhering to their brand style standards.

What will you learn in this Copywriting Academy 2?

The curriculum of this course includes ten online sessions, as well as extra modules that allow for self-paced learning.

The first section will teach you how to create an effective copy in one hour. This is very useful, however if you have no prior experience in copywriting, it may be a bit overwhelming.

Ray Edwards will provide you with a copy of his skeletal plan during the second session. Later on, you’ll also get a slew of templates to ensure that everything fits together smoothly. You may use the template as-is or modify it to meet your product.

The third module is concerned with the use of headlines and subheadings. If you look at popular sites like ClickFunnels, you’ll see that headlines are the most prominent element of the landing pages.

Copywriting Academy 2 - Ray Edwards
Copywriting Academy 2 – Ray Edwards

If you want your visitors and leads to notice anything, you need to make an excellent headline. Edwards also discusses email writing skills in the fourth lesson and bullet points that are compelling in the fifth.

Additionally, The Copywriting Academy 2 covers all aspects of email writing, from sales emails to responding to inquiries and complaints. You’ll leave with an entirely new perspective on copywriting that will help you break free from a rusted cycle of failing marketing and sales conversion.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of effective copywriting, it’s all about using techniques and methods to attract your visitors’ attention. Ray Edwards will demonstrate how to adapt your message into a one-on-one encounter that addresses your visitors’ product or service-related questions.

Finally, the final two lessons focus on two distinct forms of copywriting: product launch and video script copywriting. In general, the Copywriting Academy 2 is rather comprehensive. Even if you’ve been writing your own content for some time, you’re certain to pick up some new skills.

Know more about your instructor Ray Edwards

A communication strategist and copywriter, Ray Edwards is also an award-winning author, and the presenter of a popular business podcast. He lives in New York City with his wife and two children. Consultations are available to online creators of all kinds, including course makers as well as entrepreneurs, coaches, bloggers, and others. 

Ray Edwards
Ray Edwards

He has 19 years of consulting and coaching experience under his belt, making him the ideal candidate for the position. The best-selling books on Amazon, including How to Write Copy That Sells, Writing Riches: Learn How to Boost Profits, and Just Get Started are all authored by Ray Edwards.

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