RapidMiner – Value Series Plugin 4.0 beta (2007-05-28)

RapidMiner - Value Series Plugin 4.0 beta (2007-05-28)


RapidMiner, the Industry’s

#1 Open Source Predictive Analytics Platform


RapidMiner, the industry’s #1 open source predictive analytics platform, is disrupting the market by empowering enterprises to include predictive analytics in any business process—closing the loop between insight and action. RapidMiner’s effortless solution makes predictive analytics lightning-fast for today’s modern analysts, radically reducing the time to unearth opportunities and risks. RapidMiner delivers game-changing expertise from the largest worldwide predictive analytics community.


RapidMiner spans industries to solve the challenges facing today’s data-enabled businesses. Predict future outcomes and determine what will happen next to pro-actively optimize your businesses performance.







Life Sciences


Oil & Gas

Retail & Consumer Goods



Use Cases


Churn Prevention

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Segmentation

Next Best Action

Predictive Maintenance

Product Propensity

Quality Assurance

Risk Modeling

Sentiment Analysis

Up- and Cross-Selling

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