Ranald C.Michie – The Global Securities Market

Ranald C.Michie - The Global Securities Market


This history of the global securities market is the product of over 30 years of research by one of the world’s foremost financial historians. It covers all aspects of the history of the securities markets from its beginnings in Medieval Venice through Amsterdam and London to its operations in Tokyo and New York today. It also integrates the history of both stocks and bonds, established and emerging markets, stock exchanges and over-the-counter trading, and the crises and continuity that have made the global securities market such a force in the world over the centuries. A path-breaking book unlike any other written before, it provides in one volume an authoritative account of the global securities market from its earliest developments to the present day.

 About the Author

Ranald Michie has long been recognised in academic circles as one of the leading financial historians in the world. He has reached that position through a career spanning over 30 years of research and writing on the subject. His particular speciality is the history of securities markets, particularly stock exchanges, on which he has written numerous books and articles. These include work not only on the London Stock Exchange but also New York as well as investigations into the development of securities markets in Canada and Continental Europe. He has also written extensively on the City of London as a financial centre and his work has been translated into German. He is regularly invited to academic conferences across Europe and the United States either to give papers, chair sessions or act as expert commentator.

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