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The course Momentum Trading Strategies by Quantra Quantinsti provides you with powerful trading strategies that help grow your account in a matter of time. 

Derive a number of benefits in the course Momentum Trading Strategies by Quantra Quantinsti

This course will help you create time series and cross-sectional momentum strategies for stocks, stock indexes, fixed income, and futures contracts. You can learn how to evaluate time series, portfolio returns and risks statistically, as well as how to construct and backtest momentum trading strategies.

Momentum Trading Strategies - Quantra Quantinsti
Momentum Trading Strategies – Quantra Quantinsti

This Momentum Trading Strategies course assumes that students have a working knowledge of financial markets, including the buying and selling of stocks. Additionally, it needs a working grasp of equity, ETF, and futures markets. The principles presented in this course may be acquired without prior understanding of programming. To execute the tactics discussed, you must have a working knowledge of pandas and matplotlib.

What you will discover in this course 

  • Incorporate time series and cross-sectional momentum methods into stock, stock indexes, fixed income, and commodities futures. Get a solid grounding in time-series analysis of portfolio returns and risks as well as momentum trading techniques with this course.
  • It’s important to understand why momentum trading tactics have been able to consistently outperform other trading methods.
  • Stock, stock indices, fixed income, commodities, and futures markets can serve as testing grounds for developing and testing momentum strategies.
  • Look back and cling on to what you’ve had.
  • Use a variety of performance metrics to examine the portfolio’s returns and risks.
  • To determine a time series’ type, one may apply the Hurst exponent to it.
  • Convey futures market principles such as contango, backwardation, term structure & roll returns.
  • Volatility decile portfolios should be subjected to crossover and breakout modeling.
  • Using Blueshift, you may trade on paper, evaluate the results, and then execute your trades in real time on the market.

The syllabus of Momentum Trading Strategies by Quantra Quantinsti

  • Introduction to the course 
  • What is momentum? 
  • Why does momentum exist? 
  • Introduction to python
  • Financial market data and visualization
  • Technical indicators
  • Technical indicator strategy
  • Live trading on blueshift
  • Live trading template
  • Types of momentum 
  • Time series momentum 
  • Hurst exponent
  • Correlation analysis
  • Cross sectional momentum
  • Fundamental momentum
  • Event driven strategy
  • Ranking factors for cross sectional portfolio
  • Treasury markets
  • Momentum in futures
  • Cross sectional momentum strategy in futures
  • Momentum crashes
  • Automate trading strategies
  • Risk management
  • Python installation
  • Course summary

What you should know about Quantra Quantinsti

Students may enroll in short courses on algorithmic and quantitative trading methods from Quantra Quantinsti e-learning platform. Quantra’s services are now offered in more than 60 countries. Quantra’s mission is to accelerate your learning by providing an entertaining and engaging learning environment that emphasizes doing rather than reading. Numerous assignments in Quantra’s courses require students to code, and students may download e-books and Python scripts for trading methods to get started.

Quantra Quantinsti
Quantra Quantinsti

Algorithmic and high-frequency trading are being taught by financial market specialists in a new curriculum called Quantra Quantinsti. QuantInsti, a research and training center for algorithmic trading, is also a pioneer in this industry. The Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading, the company’s flagship program, has been accessible for six years. EPAT has constantly ascended the educational ladder in this discipline, thanks to its world-class faculty and students from more than 40 countries.

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