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Pure Flexibility Poses is a yoga training series of Ashley Galvin which consists of 8 short lessons, walking you through intermediate and advanced yoga poses.

Learn to make professional yoga poses with the series Pure Flexibility Poses of Ashley Galvin

The benefits of yoga range from sharpening flexible muscles to boosting mental strength. The best part is that you don’t have to spend countless hours practicing in order to attain them. In fact, the health benefits of yoga are so strong that even a modest 10-15-minute daily program may completely change your overall health and wellbeing. The combination of breathwork, meditation, and movement makes for a lovely practice that may do wonders for your overall health and well-being. Yoga, according to some research, may be beneficial for improving sleep and stress management. Furthermore, some study shows that the mind-body practice might be beneficial to one’s mental health as well.

The ability to achieve greater flexibility is one of the most commonly mentioned benefits of yoga, and with good cause. You may expect to notice a difference in your mobility rather quickly if you practice the Pure Flexibility Poses series with instructor Ashley Galvin for just a few minutes each day, regardless of whether you’re naturally bendy or as stiff as a board. You may see intermediate and advanced postures in a completely different light now that they are within reach. This series also demonstrates the step-by-step progressions necessary to one day attain some of the most beautiful and sought-after flexibility postures available in the yoga world.

You don’t have to be incredibly flexible to begin your yoga practice; the beauty of yoga is that it can be altered and developed across a wide range of abilities and abilities. Researchers in the United States found that when men’s collegiate athletes were involved with bi-weekly yoga sessions for 10 weeks, flexibility and balance were significantly increased compared to a control group which did not exercise at all. Each session in Ashley Galvin’s Pure Flexibility Poses series will open your body in a new manner and teach you how to harness your flexibility to accomplish poses you never imagined were possible. You will develop confidence in the posture and learn to build up to the complete expression by starting with the most easy variant and progressing through blocks and props. These sessions will teach you which muscles to activate and which ones to rest, as well as how to be safe while exercising.

Yoga works by stretching muscles. You can move better and feel less rigid or weary. You will begin to convey the elegance and the flow of flexibility in your daily work with time, patience and the series of Ashley Galvin, Pure Flexibility Poses

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Ashley Galvin, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, Darien, CT, 06820 | Psychology Today

Ashley Galvin is a Southern California-based yoga instructor. Her strength and flexibility is renowned worldwide, and she continually inspires others with her yoga practice. Ashley spent her youth between California’s beaches and mountains. Inspired by her parents’ healthy lifestyle, she set out on a mission to learn more about nutrition and the benefits of active living. This journey brought her in 2009 to her first yoga session, and she loved the practice. Ashley Galvin started teaching in 2011 and has since conducted seminars, retreats and lessons across the world, which is determined to assist and empower people through yoga. Her powerful, dynamic flows assist to build awareness of the body, inspire others to take on their unique abilities and provide students with a profound knowledge of their Yoga practice.

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