Provocative Change Works – Live in USA by Nick Kemp


Provocative Change Works – Live in USA by Nick Kemp

helps you use the smart tools changing the conversational manners to get the effectiveness during your communication

Provocative Change Works – Live in USA by Nick Kemp help you change the way you communicate with others especially customers to the best way by driving clients to give the solutions by themselves without offering solutions from others

Provocative Change Works – Live in USA by Nick Kemp

If you are looking for a method of communication to create the dynamic change in a normal manner when you make the conversation with others, the Provocative Change Works is right here for you.

The Provocative Change Works practitioner engages new feelings and ideas changing the way you work with clients. The Provocative Change Works driven using tools to set alongside provoking the client while taking note of the different rep systems the client is using to feedback his or her responses.

This method could be applied in a business, therapeutic, coaching or personal development context. The Provocative Change Works works as a smart problem solving process inspiring the client to create their own conclusions without offering solutions to the problem.

Joining the The Provocative Change Works course you can get new skills for your successful conversation, such as provoking new behaviors by suitable stances to simulate  significant changes in feeling and thinking, exploring the client’s internal symbolic maps to encourage new outcomes, time-framing change within real cases that help produce an ecologically sound process for a better life and improved sense of fulfillment.

Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp is International Therapist, Trainer, Coach and author. Nick Kemp has been involved in communication and training for over thirty years. Nick Kemp provides anxiety treatment in Leeds and Manchester. He teaches his highly successful Provocative Change Works model to other therapists and medics in the USA, Europe, Asia and the UK.  In 2000 he started to run training for the business and personal development as well as developing the greatly acclaimed Human Alchemy series of self-help audio products distributed by Anglo American Books.

The main theme throughout his all work is “problem solving” and “creative solutions” spreading a plenty of fields business, coaching, training or therapeutic. In 2005 Nick Kemp started growing the Provocative Change Works (PCW) model to communication and has used this approach to work with international athletes, TV personalities, medics and creative artists. The inspiration for the PCW model of  communication came from Nick Kemp’s extensive  work with Frank Farrelly, the creator of Provocative Therapy. Nick also runs training for therapy. Nowaday, the PCW become a useful method for most of business

He has run training in many countries such as the USA, Japan, India, Russia, Austria, Ireland, UK, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, Israel, Holland among other countries.

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