Profit Point Masterclass – Joel Bauer


The Profit Point Masterclass by Joel Bauer teaches you all the skills to start your own speaking business and boost your profitability to the next level.

The Profit Point Masterclass by Joel Bauer teaches you all the skills to start your own speaking business and boost your profitability to the next level. 

Master speaking and business communication training with the Profit Point Masterclass by Joel Bauer

Are you ready for the best and most complete training available? Whether you’re already a top paid speaker or just starting out would you like to transform your business, find your true passion, connect to what it is you love to do, communicate in a way that you’ve never done before, unblock yourself so that you become an inspiring, influential person affecting all those surrounding you just by what it is you have to say? The time is now to join Joel at his masterclass for what could easily be the most life transformational & potentially profitable personal development process you’ll ever invest in: The Profit Point Masterclass. 

In less than a week you will possess the tried and true skills of Joel’s life work which will enable you to speak from the heart, transform your business and your life, create true and lasting relationships, position yourself as an expert, become a trusted adviser and platform closer if you choose to, plus massively increase your income as well as your closing ratio. Inside the Profit Point Masterclass, Joel offers the most complete speaker training available period. But more importantly, Joel offers something that no other speaker trainer on the planet offers – his life’s work poured into a flawless system. You will gain much more than just the best, most complete and effective speaker training, Joel gives you everything.

Joel’s Profit Point MasterClass is much more than just speaker training, and the beauty of Joel’s training is that you don’t have to already be a speaker. Joel Bauer’s MasterClass will go far beyond the speaking aspect, but will help you a great deal with your speaking and communication skills as well as your closing ratio. Whether you’re already a top paid closer or just wanting to become a speaker, you can learn Joel’s life work & mastery of skills and put them to use immediately. Even if you are blocked by fears of speaking, Joel’s proven process will help you get over your fears, so you can speak with confidence, get your message out and help improve the lives of others while making the type of income you and your family deserve.

Meet the man behind this Profit Point Masterclass – Joel Bauer

Joel Bauer

Some people call Joel Bauer the mentor’s mentor. Others call him “the Godfather of the close” or “the world’s BEST platform speaker trainer”. Joel’s career is the stuff of marketing and sales legend. His accomplishments and unique presentation antics are frequently the topic of high-level insider shop talk. For over three decades, his live events, systems and techniques have empowered starters and pros alike to Discover, Design and Deliver their gift onstage and online. His proven track record and methods have secured him clients like: Motorola, 3M, Mitsubishi, Shell, Canon, IBM, Intel, Cargill, Disney and Panasonic, to name a few. He’s presented from stages in front of hundreds of thousands, with record-setting closing rates. He’s been on just about every major television network, including ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV and CNN and appeared in too many major newspapers to count. And up until one of his students (Russell Brunson) topped his records, Joel held the record for 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest gross sales from a single-stage.

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