Products on Tap 2.0 – Christina Scalera

Pump up the profitability of your business with the know-hows and tips of the online course Products on Tap 2.0 hosted by Christina Scalera 

Learn how to have your products to be sold out continuously with Products on Tap 2.0 

Digital commerce (D-commerce) is the shopping for and promoting of products and services using virtual channels which includes Internet, mobile networks and commerce infrastructure. With digitalization maintained in both B2B and B2C, clients progressively changing their preference consequently joining the direction Products on Tap 2.0 by Christina Scalera can be an exquisite manner of beginning your d-commerce empire. As a pupil in the direction Products on Tap 2.0, you’ll have the easy-to-comprehend instruction so there will be no room for confusion. Here’s what you’ll get in the direction Products on Tap 2.0:

Module 1: The Basics Of D-Commerce 

Switch your “Service Mindset” to a “Product Mindset”

​Learn the varieties of virtual download merchandise

​Understand hosting products on a pre-made market vs. your own store

​Research your market + competitors

​Learn how to call your products

Module 2: Creating Your Core Product

Learn what makes a GREAT product

​Choose who to promote to

​Plan your product development

Learn the Four C’s: the way to convert, compel, curate, and near buyers

Module 3: Building Your Shop 

Learn the way to use premade storefronts

​Create your shop on Squarespace or Shopify

Plug-and-play my killer abandon cart sequence

Module 4: Bringing Sexy Back Into Your Offer 

Create the most engaging center product ever

​Learn the quickest manner to make more consistent with sale

Create badass bonuses to trap any buyer

​Put it all collectively to create your value ladder

​Plan your promotional cadence for discounts, income and specials

Module 5: Sell Out Your Product 

​Bust via shop traffic myths

Create a groan-proof Facebook group

Using live videos, blogging, and associate marketing

Learn when to begin paying for traffic

​Plan your promo periods

Module 6: Customer Serv-ice 

Onboard new clients the proper manner

Retain clients for the life of your biz

Learn the proper manner to refund

Create a sustainable help system

Your host – Christina Scalera 


In 4 years, Christina Scalera constructed an award winning, record-breaking 7-figure Shopify empire with The Contract Shop® with the aid of turning her criminal offerings into digitally downloadable settlement templates. Christina Scalera helped photographers, calligraphers, wedding ceremony planners and coaches do the equal with their offerings– and you may be next. Online publications have a time and place, however wouldn’t it’s a lot less difficult to present your clients precisely what they want, instead of teaching them a way to become your opposition through an online course? That’s precisely why virtual download product stores are revolutionizing the info products industry. It is probably too late in an effort to sell online publications, but digital download merchandise is just heating up. The time is now to get in on them… before the market gets saturated! With all the knowledge Christina Scalera has in the industry, you’ll have the ultimate guidance.


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