Practicum Veritae – John Romaniello


The course Practicum Veritae by John Romaniello will teach you step by step how to develop your writing voice and improve your content to make more income. 

Define your writing voice and take your skills to the next level with Practicum Veritae by John Romaniello

Making money, producing better content, and leaving a lasting legacy all depend on good writing. What’s the problem? Why do so many people avoid it, and why are so many content with just plain awful at it? When John Romaniello teaches the course Practicum Veritae, he will explain why and how to remedy it. A deep, enduring connection with your audience can only be achieved via writing, but you’re not sure how to accomplish it. As long as you’re writing, you won’t know whether you’re growing better or worse. It’s a good idea to take this course if you’re having trouble expressing yourself verbally or if you think your writing is rigid or dull.

Intentional practice, research, or process are all examples of Practicums. Veritae is a term that refers to catching the truth in its purest form. Your Voice is the personification of your truth as it relates to writing. Practicum Veritae is the practice of documenting the truth. And that’s what we’re aiming for with this course. There would be no art if writing were just a matter of putting words on paper in a logical order so that the reader could comprehend them. Every aspect of your life transforms when you learn how to speak your truth in a beautiful and compelling manner, from personal connections to your professional interactions. As a result of your writing, One of the most distinctive aspects of you is your voice, which is your most honest representation of yourself written down. So, no matter what you aim to accomplish with your writing, it’s imperative that you establish your own unique style and tone. John Romaniello’s course, Practicum Veritae, will teach you how.

Aside from just enhancing your writing, the Practicum Veritae program aims to help you become a better writer. From the very first day, you will unquestionably see progress. Mechanics and procedures will be covered. Your vocabulary will grow, you’ll learn how to write strong phrases, and you’ll learn how to organise your information in a manner that quickly draws the reader’s attention. Throughout the whole page, you’ll be able to entice and retain your readers’ interest from the first line to the last. If you want to be an excellent writer, you need to know more than the basics of how to create captivating headlines and where the commas belong.


Here’s the topics you will learn from the course Practicum Veritae by John Romaniello

  • Practicum Prompts
  • Practicum Principles
  • Practicum Pillars
  • Practicum Personal Programming
  • Practicum Posse


Meet your course instructor John Romaniello

Practicum Veritae John Romaniello

One of John Romaniello’s specialties is helping small businesses enhance their communication and revenue-generating abilities via the written word. From business and marketing to fitness and personal development, Romaniello has published hundreds of articles on a wide range of subjects, and he has authored the New York Times bestseller Engineering the Alpha (HarperOne 2013). In 2015, Romaniello created Wellspring Media, a consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses grow their revenue and impact via the use of effective branding and storytelling techniques. With over a dozen clients,  John Romaniello works as a ghostwriter and copy-doctor, as well as a writer’s mentor and consultant who helps authors improve their craft.

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