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The course Cryptocurrency and Technical Analysis Trading of Philakone is a series of 24 videos on trading cryptocurrency and technical analysis.

Introducing Philakone’s course Cryptocurrency and Technical Analysis Trading

Philakone’s course Cryptocurrency and Technical Analysis Trading is a series of 24 videos for cryptocurrency trading and technical analysis. Because the crypto-monetary market is very volatile, you need a plan to lead your trade. Many crypto traders use technical analysis to assist them build strategies. This sort of study can help you get insight into historical crypto-monetary movements, which enable you to anticipate where it will go.

You must be aware of what it means to really grasp how to utilize technical analysis in crypto-currency trading. Technical analysis includes analyzing data from the actual world in order to anticipate the market’s future. It includes examining previous statistics of the relevant cryptocurrency, including characteristics like volume and movement. Through the Philakone’s course Cryptocurrency and Technical Analysis Trade, you will learn that technical analytics may provide crypto-monetary traders insight into a crypto history, allowing future forecasts. Most charting software has already incorporated various technical analysis tools and may be complemented with your own analysis. Always attempt to mix technical analysis with other approaches for the best outcomes.

Philakone’s course Cryptocurrency & Technical Analysis Trading is created to offer you all the methods and tactics for the prediction of the future market direction, so you may be a better trader from the first day and ultimately make a big profit. You will learn in this course how to trade support and resistance in the proper method, which is the most crucial trade skill you will ever need. You can grasp how to predict upward and downward breakouts by looking at certain important levels of support and resistance. You also study the most efficient technical indicators on earth so that you can quickly find out what happens on the market and know precisely what you need to do to build a winning business and feel like a god.

If you want to make money online by investing in cryptocurrency markets, this course is for you. You have come to the correct spot if you want to develop a new source of passive incomes. You should not disregard this course when you wish to uncover a trading technique that truly works. If you learn all about cryptocurrency trading, this course is a shortcut. The course Cryptocurrency and Technical Analysis Trading is for everyone who wants to become rich by investing in the cryptocurrency market.

Know your mentor Philakone


Philakone is a full-time cryptocurrency day trader with a passion for assisting others in their pursuit of financial success. He has been working in the crypto sector for three years and has had great success, which he would want to share with his pupils as a teaching tool. Philakone’s preferred indicators include the relative strength index (RSI) and the histogram, as well as theories such as Elliot Wave. For his part, he feels that educational materials should be reasonably priced and easily available. All programs at Philakone are meant to provide a clear, concise, and enjoyable environment that will prepare you to succeed in the crypto world. Philakone’s Training #1 consists of a comprehensive course on how to trade successfully in the stock market, while course #2 will cover Elliott Wave Theory, Shorting, Level 2, Price Action, Scalping, and many more.

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