Pennystocking Framework


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Pennystocking Framework

How To Trade Penny Stocks Longterm

People often ask me for longer term stock picks…here’s the one stock I would own for years and years if I wanted to own any at all that long (I currently don’t), but several of my trading challenge students have learned Step #7 “The Long Kiss Goodnight” as outlined in my PennyStocking Framework DVD when if you order HERE, you save 50% off, or $500, works wonders longterm.

PennyStocking Framework is my 15-hour Vegas conference DVD package in which I unveiled my key 7-step framework for trading pump and dumps which helped me predict not one but two 50% gainers inside of a week.

Ah yes, Step #7 is all about how these pumps fade over the long haul…check out some of my subscribers of my 4 newsletters have perfected this MUCH better than I ever have or ever will (I lack a thing called patience)…hence why I’m a far better teacher than trader, as my trading challenge students are learning

The Long Kiss Goodnight

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First Short Ever! watched ALL of Tims DVD’s various times, Look at 100 day chart Beautiful Pattern straight out of Tims DVD’s.Got alerthere-> (Tim alerts to start with) i shorted 11/14/11 4k shares into the bounce of panic,bounce failed could have covered for +$800 but didnt, then kept going against me, i averaged up. limited with $12k account, 4kshares takes up $10k! leaving me with $2k only+going against me,had margin calls,covered 3/2/12! at .34 cents $4192 profit =)

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