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Orgasmic Manifesting System by Laurie-Anne King walks you through how you can win the best parts in your life through the right practices of manifestation

Orgasmic Manifesting System by Laurie-Anne King walks you through how you can win the best parts in your life through the right practices of manifestation.

Orgasmic Manifesting System by Laurie-Anne King: how to make impossible dreams possible. 

Laurie Anne King

Orgasmic Manifesting System by Laurie-Anne King sheds light on how to gain the proactive role in the management of emotions and moods as well as the visualisation power of manifestation that could make your dreams come true. There are many people who can help you win the best parts without competing against others. The liberation of yourself from stress, anxiety, and volatility is activated by the internal power and strong self-belief. The detailed walk-through on techniques and exercises of manifestation include: 

Intro – Daily Rituals:

The daily exercises raise your vibration and enhance your ability of manifestation for the usage of all six models of manifesting. You will learn how to leverage the power of visualisation that can help your dreams come true, and the techniques erasing limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and resistance, how to track and measure your manifestation in the process of making your dreams come true, and so on. 

Module 1 – Building Sexual Energy:

You learn physical practices increasing your manifesting power created by sexual energy, the healing power of body shame and insecurity, the enhancement of self-confidence, and so on. Instructions on how the Female Psychological Sexual Split, three powerful methods for the development of sexual energy are also shared. 

Module 2 – Extended Orgasm Practice:

The rapid development of your manifesting power, the extended orgasm, etc. through sexual energy is shown in this module. Moreover, you can learn how to utilise high vibrational orgasmic energy for the manifestation of your desires in the alignment of your energy. 

Module 3 – Money Manifesting 101:

The step-by-step guidelines on Energetic Manifesting Principles, the differentiation between Ego desires and Divine desires, the discovery of clearing out any limiting beliefs, and so on are openly shared. 

Module 4 – Your Manifesting Map:

The timing and place that you should apply the manifestation techniques and practices are shown in the session of mapping, along with the detailed assessment of your environment, relationships, choices, how to design your dream life, and so on. 

Module 5 – Make Space for the New:

The shortcuts of manifestation are instructed so that you can achieve the life you have ever dreamt of. Moreover, you can learn to leverage the insights into the declutter of your physical environment and set yourself free from the social conceptions that hold you back. 

Module 6 – Orgasm in Everything:

You will learn how to control your emotions and moods so that you can maintain your orgasmic state. In other words, you will learn how to stay energetic and passionate without being influenced by the external factors that usually go awry. 

Module 7 – Intuitive Action:

The deeper connection with your intuition through instructions on various  intuitive sensing types, living in a state of trust and the acceleration of manifestation through the guidance  that leads you to your goals, and so on. 

Module 8 – The Art of Receiving:

The patterns of self sabotage are guided to be identified so that you can find the most suitable solutions to such situations. The priority of self-care and the best practices, the distinct features of guessers and askers are pointed out in this section.  

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