The Option Professor Option Learning 6 Pack Includes


The Option Professor Option Learning 6 Pack Includes

DVD Lesson #1

Creating Cash Flow

Learn how Option writing can create flow.

DVD Lesson #2

Buying Calls and Puts

Learn how to buy Option and roll and repair positions!

DVD Lesson #3

Combos; Straddles/Strangles

Learn how straddles and strangles work!

DVD Lesson #4


Learn how credit and debit option spreads work.

DVD Lesson #5

Protecting Your Portfolio

Learn how to hedge your positions!

DVD Lesson #6


Learn how to recognize potential favorable circumstances.

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About Option Professor

Jim Kenney of the Option Professor has over 20 twenty years teaching people how the option market works. To date, he has conducted hundreds of informative option seminars for thousands of people nation-wide.

He is a graduate of Boston College (Management Degree) and attended the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) with the Executive Management program.

Mr. Kenney benefited from completing the advanced option training course at the Chicago Board of Option Exchange (CBOE) and was a member of the Partnership Council, Chairman’s Club, and the President’s Council at a number of large brokerage firms. At the core of the Option Professors teaching initiative is providing valuable and user-friendly answers to questions people have about options and the choices of strategies available to them.

Option Professor is dedicated and proud to be America’s choice for easy to learn Option learning lessons.

Our one-on-one approach to learning can help you better understand Options from the newcomer to the experienced. We look forward to continuing to provide high quality learning lessons for your option learning needs.






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