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Normalized Spread is a technical analysis indicator provided by Simpler Trading to assist traders in better understanding the market and becoming profitable.

Introducing the Normalized Spread indicator of Simpler Trading

Many investors and active traders employ technical trade indicators for the identification of high probability points of entrance and exit. Hundreds of indicators are available on most trading platforms, therefore too many or inefficient indicators can be used. This paper will describe how several indicators are selected, how information overload is avoided and how indicators are optimized in order to use these technical analytical tools most effectively.

The Normalized Spread Indicator supports the December 2015 webinar of John Carter’s Ultimate Options Traders Edge. The signal indicates that John’s principal exponential moving averages are standardized for statistical analysis. The oscillator panel has 1, 2, and 3 default differential levels.

Normalized Spread measurements are calculated by dividing a spread measure (with the exception of a squared unit variance) into a location measure. The standardized standard deviation is a useful example. The standard deviation divided by the average is merely the standard deviation. It fulfills two objectives:

  • The standard deviation is indicated as a fraction of the mean. The distribution diffusion of a variable with big mean and correspondingly large standard deviation is comparable more adequately with the distribution diffusion of another variable with a lower mean and therefore smaller standard deviation using this statistical method.
  • The standard deviation of its units is now independent. The relative fluctuation of the euro, for example, can be compared to: The Hong Kong Dollar and the US$: the sterling exchange rate.

You absolutely must be aware that the indication for technical analysis is the basis for technical analysis. They are used to determine stock or economic trends in the future. The indication of the technical analysis helps the investor to know when to enter or leave a business, to make profit. Technical analysis indicators such as Normalized Spread examine price information and interpret it into basic signals that are easy to read. These signs enable the investor to choose the right time to purchase or sell. The technical analysis indicator offers the investor with clues to help them analyze the market patterns and anticipated price behaviour. Thus, price, volume and time-sensitive combinations Technical analysis indicators are applied to optimize profit.

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