Night Club Dance Series – Elite


Night Club Dance Series by Elite course provides you with the main techniques and knowledge to improve your dancing skills in less time than you have never imagined before.

Night Club Dance Series – Elite course provides you with the main techniques and knowledge to improve your dancing skills in less time than you have never imagined before. Let’s get into it!

Improve dancing skills with “Night Club Dance Series – Elite”

You love dancing and when listening to music you want to feel and chill with this. Go to the club with friends and watch people dance with the flow, you wish that you can do like this.

Sometimes you just want to express yourself to your crush or surprise your beloved ones. 

Even if you just want to improve your dancing skills to feel more confident in front of others, or you are thinking of becoming a certified dance instructor one day? This annual subscription is everything you need to unlock the full access package.

This course is designed for you. Best news that you will receive the gift voucher that Value Hands Down! When you sign up for a year, you save 17%. Equals just $16.66 a month!

Now take a look on what you will learn on this course “Night Club Dance Series – Elite”

Some interesting things included: Bronze – Gold American, International, Social & Club Style, Argentine Tango and Country Western DVIDA Syllabi, plus the Technique,Variation, and Competitor’s library.

This is a must have for the serious dancer!

Bronze – Gold DVIDA Syllabi, Technique and Variation video libraries! Plus, access to the DVIDA manuals!

  • American Style – Rhythm & Smooth
  • International Style – Latin & Standard 
  • Social & Club Style – Salsa, Bachata, Hustle, and NightClub Two-Step
  • Technique Library – When you join the course you will have the opportunities to access the technique videos that teach you proper footwork, dance positions, connections between partners, body shaping, hip actions, arm styling and many other elements that make you feel and look better when dancing the steps.
  • Additionally, the Variation Library is also the important place that you need to join to learn in this course – The variation videos will show a different way of grouping or mixing steps. Learning advanced patterns will enhance your dancing. Take your dancing to the next level with variations.
  • DVIDA Syllabus Manuals – Rhythm & Smooth, Latin & Standard, Salsa, Hustle, and NightClub Two-Step. The manuals contain an introductory dictionary of dance terminology and fully notated charts describing each step including amount of turn, timing, footwork, foot positions, and more.
  • Join the Competitor’s Library – and take the tips from champion competitors, find out what judges are looking for and much more!

** For sure, you can not wait to join the course if you know that a lot of learners are mastering their skills day by day and have wonderful lives.

In next time we will generate the new feature: Kids Library


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The course is designed by a group of masters in dancing and they have many years in this field. So you can trust that you will receive the best guild to improve your skills

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