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Push Notification Ads & Sweepstakes Mastery PDF by Nick Lenihan is a course that teaches you to master affiliate marketing and take income from it. 

Learn how to Push Notification Ads & Sweepstakes Mastery PDF with affiliate marketing expert Nick Lenihan

Push notification ads are a 100 percent permission-based premium native ad format. They are non-intrusive, easy to use and a very engaging tool to broaden their audience for advertisers. Announcements are sent from a browser on both desktop and mobile devices, instead of an app. The main constraint is that they are not working on mobile iOS devices at present because they are not yet supported. They may be extremely efficient for practically all types of promotional campaigns, because they have very small percentages of bots, international reach and higher click and conversion rates than standard ad formats.

Nick Lenihan’s course Push Notification Ads & Sweepstakes Mastery PDF was designed for the entire newcomer so you don’t need any previous experience to start. The entire contents are text and screenshots that guide you to a profitable push notification campaign step by step. The course has 13 wonderful modules covering all aspects of affiliate marketing using paid traffic, which are described as follows:

  1. Tools We’ll Use in This Course
  2. Applications
  3. Sweepstakes Vertical
  4. Affiliate Offers
  5. Push Notification Ads
  6. Spying
  7. Landing Pages
  8. Binom Tracker
  9. Voluum Tracker
  10. BeMob Tracker
  11. Zeropark Campaigns
  12. Case Studies
  13. Scaling

Figure out the topic content below to have an idea of what you are going to learn from this comprehensive course of Nick Lenihan, Push Notification Ads & Sweepstakes Mastery PDF:

  • Discover all the important instruments and resources necessary to perform effectively as an affiliate marketer with bought traffic.
  • Exact directions for applying for networks of affiliates and traffic sources in order not to deny your application.
  • A detailed description of how vertical sweepstakes function in affiliate marketing, especially with regard to the offering of credit cards.
  • Find out exactly how you may choose a CPA affiliate with real potential to raise your chances of success significantly.
  • Learn how push notification advertising operates, the targeting choices and the main ad features.
  • Several approaches to discover profitable campaigns already running on push traffic by other affiliates.
  • Find out how to host the most ideal credit card sites for submitting sweepstakes on a fast server.
  • Step by step, text and pictures illustrate exactly how to set up Binom, Voluum, or BeMob to accurately track your campaigns.
  • Set your campaign to the optimal settings at the push ads traffic source, exactly as Nick Lenihan does.
  • Multiple alternatives for maximizing your profitable efforts.
  • 2 case studies written in the view of someone just starting to promote a credit card offer push notification ad traffic.

Learn more about your mentor: Affiliate Marketing expert Nick Lenihan

Nick Lenihan 

Nick Lenihan has been a full-time affiliate marketer earning multi-million sales for his clients for the past eight years. It teaches people how to establish incredibly profitable internet companies with affiliate marketing. Nick Lenihan is possibly one of the only Internet Marketing Associate Marketers to earn a Bachelor degree. Every new affiliate can easily be overwhelmed by the number of tools and resources to help you succeed. Nick Lenihan is often asked about his affiliate marketing tools personally, so he publishes on his nicklenihan.com website a list of what he does every day to succeed in affiliate marketing. This website is frequently updated, so be sure to make a reference when you hunt for a certain tool or resource for your affiliate marketing company.

Get your affiliate marketing business off the ground now by mastering Push Notification Ads & Sweepstakes Mastery PDF with Nick Lenihan.

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