NICABM – How to Help Your Clients Get Better Sleep with Rubin Naiman


NICABM – How to Help Your Clients Get Better Sleep with Rubin Naiman

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Sleep Problems Can Make Almost Any Other Condition Worse

Heres How You Can Help Your Clients Get Better Sleep

Whether its trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking too early, sleep issues can be costly for our patients.
Not only that, sleep problems can eat away at our clients relationships, their work life, and their ability to cope with challenges.

Trouble sleeping can make almost every other condition worse
Problems sleeping can lead to:
Depression Anxiety ADHD
Memory loss Agitation Obesity
Sleep disorders have also been associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity. Whats worse, many practitioners arent well trained to identify and treat these crucial problems. Sleep disorders such as narcolepsy often get misdiagnosed as depression.
Many common approaches to sleep disorders can actually make them worse.

But there are effective ways to work with sleeping problems.

Thats why weve teamed up with sleep expert Rubin Naiman, PhD to bring you a short, focused course.In this program, youll get practical, concrete strategies to evaluate insomnia and help your clients finally get a good nights rest.
Register Here for this Course Only $197 and get 5 videos, audios, transcripts, plus 4 bonuses
to help you work more effectively with sleep disorders


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