Newtec Forex Expert Advisor


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Newtec Forex Expert Advisor

Newtec Forex Expert Advisor



NEWTEC Forex Metatrader Expert Advisor 99%Winningtrades




A new way of trading, it`s easier than you believe!!!


— The New Collection of Forex —


A fully automated trading system which sets new standards !!




  • You are new in forex trading or you be trading since a long time?


  • You`ve allready tested many different trading systems (Expert Advisors), and none of them kept what they promised?


  • You allready have a profitable system and you still looking for a suitable amendment statement?


  • SYou are looking for the best system, but you have not found the right one so far?


  • You want to live from Forex trading, but you have not the necessary Know-How?


  • You allready trade for a considerable time but you can´t generate consistent profits?


So in this case you are exactly right here!


In this offer you`ll get an unprecedented trading software!




No commerical $99 system, which will kill you account balance sooner or later!



This is a private Expert Advisor which you´ll get nowhere else!




I´m full-time in Forex since almost 5 years! Of corse I´ve seen many things and I´ve allready tried a lot of different systems and EA´s, nothing of them worked! After I´ve spent a lot of money and a lot of time I begun to study the forex market! After I understood the market and the other factors as emotions for example, I´ve earned a lot of money! Now that´s real trading! So I looked for a way to automate my strategies and trading technique to safe a lot of time! So I learned the mq4 language! Today I only trade with automatic trading systems (Expert Advisor) mainly on EURCHF! There are many positive Reasons for it!

The advantages of automatic trading…


▪Easy operation


▪fully automatic, you don’t need to do anything


▪You safe a lot of time


▪diversification into new dimensions


▪Trade 24h on the market without any observation


▪All emotions as greed and fear for example will eliminated completely


▪Defined entry and exit signals


▪Professional risk and Money Management with fixed-income targets


▪It’s possible to use it with micro, mini and standard accounts


▪Excellent chance/risk and profit/loss ratio

I´ve needed overall almost 2 years to develop this brilliant system!

I claim that you will get no better EA for this currency pair at the moment!

A “must have” for successful trading

Enclosed you can view my live account statement

No „one night wonder“!!!! works ALWAYS!!!!!

BEST price-performance ratio


About the Expert Advisor:


  • You will get 1 Expert Advisor: NEWTEC with fixed and given settings (3 settings are included: lowest risk, normal risk, higher risk)
  • over 99% winningtrades
  • 0.9% Drawdown
  • constant and stabil monthly profits
  • Trading-style: Scalping
  • For Metatrader 4, and for the most Brokers
  • Excellent gain and loss ratio (fix TP and SL)
  • Hidden SL and hidden TP to avoid manipulations from your Broker

Full version product! Its has been registered and has been activated for you




4 Hour MACD Forex Strategy.pdf


This strategy is aimed at simplicity as well as high probability trades. I have been in the equity market for almost ten years now and in the forex market for two years. I learned very early that forex trading is not for the shaky ones. One must have a tested and definite trading strategy as well as well organized discipline to follow the strategy and execute the plan as to the letter. One must be exact and precise.

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