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The course Netzero Options of SMB Training will guide you to the right thought, excellent strategy, and the secrets to become more profitable in trading. 

Trading the new style with Netzero Options of SMB Training

A new option trading method called Netzero Options was developed by SMB Training to educate you how to think in terms of zeroes, how to use the 60-40-20 options trading strategy, and how to use Netzero Options to maintain a portfolio of trustworthy options trading techniques. This training course teaches you how to use an options trading technique that makes it easier to generate high risk-adjusted returns while minimizing risk. Following that, you’ll learn about the specific trading method that achieved the highest profit margin in the 2016 SMB Options trading competition as well as the highest 12-month return on the SMB Options Desk in 2016. Aside from that, Netzero Options provides you with a fresh trading mindset that will change your outlook on option strategies and approaches in general. Also included is instruction on how to construct a customized portfolio of Netzero Options transactions using the 60-40-20 Broken Wing Butterfly Netzero OptionsTM Strategy.

In the experience with Netzero Options trading and Andrew’s instruction, you  will get 10+ hour online course covering the following lessons:

  • In options trading, a zero-based approach is used.
  • Contrast the structural edge with the strategic/directional edge.
  • Netzero trade definitions and measurements
  • Where the edge in Netzero trading originates from
  • Fundamentals of sizing
  • Emotional disconnection
  • The fundamental structure of the first Netzero trading Greeks and the software differences
  • 60-40-20 summary
  • Strict entry and exit criteria Examples of trades and long-term back tests
  • Example Netzero Trades with day-by-day comments and review
  • Modifying strikes to account for the difference between net and individual deltas
  • Modifying strikes to account for mean reversion
  • Changing strike prices for a beta-weighted portfolio results in a net-zero delta.
  • Risk-based sizing Execution process
  • Obtaining a reasonable price for admission and exit
  • Distinction between five- and seven-figure deals
  • Justifications for conducting extra back testing
  • The steps to establishing a profitable netzero trade

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SMB Training

A well-known aspect of SMB’s success is its ability to effectively educate new and developing traders on how to profitably trade stocks, options, and construct automated trading systems. It got more difficult to navigate the market once SMB Training education arm was established in 2007. Without significant education and coaching from experienced traders, it was nearly impossible for a rookie trader to become profitable in the short term. A professional trader training program and trader mentorship were necessary as a result of this situation to bring about these changes. SMB created industry-leading training programs in stocks, options, and automated trading to guarantee that novice traders have the greatest possible chance of achieving success in the financial markets. Because they were interested in teaching new traders, they established SMB Capital, a PnL trading desk. SMBU was established afterwards to give the same degree of trader education in stocks, options, and automated trading that they had previously provided. New York-based PnL proprietary trading desk SMB Capital is well-known for its success in transforming new traders from inexperienced to consistently successful and eventually high-performing traders.

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