Neil Leitch – FTSE Wealth Builder


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Neil Leitch – FTSE Wealth Builder

Neil Leitch - FTSE Wealth Builder

A 54 page manual, instructional video’s and Neil’s personal email address are provided.

The manual is well written and on page 5 we find out that DMC stands for – Dynamic Move Catcher – It provides audible and visual alerts when certain price movements occur.

The majority of the first half of the manual is focused on getting started. It’s an excellent theoretical walk-through and in practise it’s even easier than it sounds. DMC uses a Meta Trader 4 template and custom indicator. When signing up access is provided to an “install” file. One click on this and the whole MT4 installation process is done, an absolute doddle. Simply install, start up your MT4 platform, chose your currencies and time-frame, select the newly installed DMC template and you are good to go. Nothing to worry even those new to MT4 here, especially as there is also a useful MT4 mini-guide included in the manual.





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