Neal Hughes – Intro to Fibonacci Trading


Neal Hughes – Intro to Fibonacci Trading

Neal Hughes - Intro to Fibonacci Trading

Step-by-step videos show you how to pre-determine the highs and lows just the way the pros do!


Fibonacci Education For Traders


This video course will teach you the same techniques that professionals use for predicting market turning points.


Neal Hughes “FibMaster”

brings you two dynamic video seminars to

help you maximize profits while controlling risk.


Video 1       Introduction to Fibonacci Trading


This is the best Fibonacci education for traders.


I’ll show you a straightforward approach to Fibonacci trading. I believe in keeping it simple. With over 20 years experience in the markets, and after teaching hundreds of traders in person, I’ve gone to great lengths to make Fibonacci analysis easily understandable.


You will start with the basics, and gradually advance each step until you know exactly how to trade with Fibonacci techniques. You will see my computer screen, my charts, and you will see exactly how I apply the techniques to my charts. You will see how I approach a trade, how I determine the optimum entry, exit, and stop-loss points.






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