Nancy Garrison Jenn – HeadHunters & How to Use Them

Nancy Garrison Jenn – HeadHunters & How to Use Them

The ultimate guide to headhunters whether you are looking for a job or someone to employ. When firms need to fill management positions, when experienced managers want a new challenge, or when MBA graduates are looking for their first senior management role, they often turn to specialist headhunters or, to use the jargon of their trade, executive search consultants. This guide will provide a clear overview of the executive search market, the leading global firms, specialised niche firms and the best consultants by sector and industry worldwide. It will offer specific guidelines on how to use headhunters effectively, both for individuals looking for a job and organisations looking for someone to take on a particular management role. It will offer advice on what’s important in the selection of an executive search firm and, for individuals, it will offer invaluable networking tips on how to get the best search consultants interested in you as a candidate … whether you are a recent MBA graduate or a senior executive.


“It cuts through the often impenetrable jargon to provide a clear overview of the executive search market.”
Daily Post (Liverpool)

About the Author

Nancy Garrison Jenn runs a consulting firm that tracks the executive search world for multinational firms. She lectures MBA students at business schools such as London Business School, INSEAD, IMD, Oxford Said, and Columbia, and she has written ten reports on the executive search industry for the Economist Intelligence Unit.









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