Mytradersstateofmind – Upgrade from DTSM Self-Study to DTSM Group Course


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Mytradersstateofmind – Upgrade from DTSM Self-Study to DTSM Group Course

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Mytradersstateofmind – Upgrade from DTSM Self-Study to DTSM Group Course

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Sale Page:  mytradersstateofmind

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Upgrade from DTSM Self-Study to DTSM Group Course

Upgrade from DTSM Self-Study to DTSM Group Course

This Upgrade is available ONLY to graduates of the DTSM Self-Study.

Upon completing the DTSM Self-Study, many traders seek the additional reinforcement accommodated in the Group Course.  Therefore, for those students only, an Upgrade is now available to the Group Course.

Here’s a list of the benefits of the Upgrade:

  1. You will meet with Rande in a Group Meeting live format with the other class participants FIVE times.  These meetings are very interactive and Rande will generally speak for about 30 minutes, and respond to questions posed (either using mics or typed questions) from the students for another 30 minutes.  LOTS of interesting interaction occurs in these Meetings, and most students comment how enriching this is to their class experience.
  2. You’ll receive a recording of each and every Group Meeting, in case you have a date/time conflict or you are time-zone challenged.  These recordings are yours to keep, and many students listen to them over and over.
  3. You’ll have unlimited email contact with Rande for the duration of the Group Course.  He is very responsive to all questions and comments.
  4. You’ll have the option to exchange email addresses with the other students in the Group Course.  That also enriches the total class experience and facilitates learning.
  5. Finally, you will be given the option to audit the Group Course again…any future session…at no additional charge.  That’s like taking the class all over again for free!  A great way to reinforce what you’ve learned.

It’s really a great way to further your learning.

If you are considering this, but need more information, please contact Delores at:

Legal Disclaimer and Return Policy

These materials are educational materials that are intended to help you develop skill sets involving emotional state management and higher functioning states of mind in the performance of trading. They do not guarantee success. They help develop the skills necessary to manage probability and uncertainty found in trading. After receiving initial materials for the Ignite Course, please review for 3 days. If you are not satisfied with scope and content of the Ignite Course, you may return materials in the condition they were sent for full refund less postage and a 10% restocking fee. (For downloadable materials, you must delete all files you received from us from all electronic media and drives within 3 days.)  Keeping the materials beyond this period warrants an acceptance of the Ignite Program and conflict resolution and refund policy is at the sole discretion of Traders State of Mind, Empowered Horizons, or Rande Howell.








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