Myles Wilson Walker – How To Indentify High-Profit Elliott Wave Trades in Real Time


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Myles Wilson Walker - How To Indentify High-Profit Elliott Wave Trades in Real Time

Hardcover: 209 pages

Publisher: Windsor Books (April 1, 2001)

Language: English


This book takes the Elliott Wave theory to the next level with strategies from author Myles W. Walker such as the “C Wave” which point out shortcomings from the theory created by the late R.N. Elliott. With an emphasis on key factors like “hindsight” and consistency, this book is essentially different from previous books the Elliott Wave theory.

For the first time ever, high-profit Elliott Wave trades can now be identified in real-time.

The profitable repercussions this fact carries for traders around the world cannot be emphasized enough. The Elliott Wave Theory, with its well-documented explanations of price behavior in all markets unfolding in a series of measurable waves, has been more of an academic exercise than a real-time tradable (hence, usable) method. It seems that Elliott’s theory did a good job explaining the past, but came up short in forecasting the future. New Zealand-born trader Myles Wilson Walker has finally taken the Elliott Wave Principles up that last, most important, step-making them real-time tradable and practical for all traders, big and small. Mr. Walker structured a new systematic trade selection approach, called the C Wave Method, which specializes in signaling Elliott Wave trades as they are about to start moving (not weeks after the fact). And that means traders in the 21 st Century will finally be able to fully capitalize on the best, and least exploited, trading idea of the 20th Century-the Elliott Wave Theory.

Table of Contents:

Introduction vii

Chapter 1 Basics of Counting Waves 1
Midpoint Method of Wave Counting 6

Chapter 2 Elliott Wave Principles 7
Impulse Waves 8 Corrective Waves 18

Chapter 3 Guidelines for Counting Waves 35
Counting Waves 48
Detecting Elliott Wave Patterns and C Wave
Patterns 51
Terms 51
Symbols of Wave Degree 53

Chapter 4 Logic of Counting Waves 55

Chapter 5 C Wave Patterns 81
Method Objective for Impulsive and Corrective
Markets 82
Trade Strategy 83
C Wave Patterns and Trading Rules 84
Strong B Waves and Trading Rules 88
Five Wave Corrections and Trading Rules 94
List of C Wave Patterns 98

Chapter 6 How To Find C Wave Patterns 103

Chapter 7 Profit Takes 111

Chapter 8 Alternate Counts and Recounts 115
Trading Large C Waves 126
Chapter 9 C Wave Patterns on Daily and Intraday
Charts 129
N.Y. Silver 130 Deutschemark Spot 133
Chapter 10 C Wave Method in Action 157
Entry 159
Managing the Trade 166
Conclusion 189
Summary 191

Appendix I Fibonacci in a Nutshell 193
Appendix II Daily Worksheet 197

Index 207


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