Music Video Pro 2020 – Nick Sales


Music Video Pro 2020 by Nick Sales assist you improve your making video skills to create cool clips for your customers or even for yourselves

 Music Video Pro 2020 – Nick Sales assists you improve your making video skills to create cool clips for your customers or even for yourselves. All you need is read carefully below information

Growth your making video skill with Music Video Pro 2020 – Nick Sales 

You watch some beautiful music video and wish that you can make one like this by yourself or you have already passion inside for making videos and would like to create your own art works, so this course Nick Sales – Music Video Pro 2020 is for you

Music video production is a service all artist’s can use. A good music video will help you reach higher career feats! There are so many great artists out there making music. You still need to have a music video production business shoot a music video for you and your customers, we mean the artists or whoever needs it. It will show the world how much you care about your brand and your clients 

Whether you’re a beginner or have a good handle on the basics, this course  Nick Sales – Music Video Pro 2020 takes you through every step of the way on how to create professional and cinematic music videos

What is included in the Nick Sales – Music Video Pro 2020 course

– 50+ Value Packed Video Tutorials

– Private Community Support. Instant access to the private Facebook group, filled with 24/7 Feedback, job opportunities, and peer mentoring.

– Downloads. Download footage from music videos that we’ve shot and follow along in our editing and coloring process. Download our favorite LUT that we use for almost all of our music videos.

– Discounts on Software. Members get 50% off PluralEyes

– Lifetime Access. Instant access to ALL the content FOR LIFE! And the content just keeps coming as Parker and Nick are constantly shooting, learning, and sharing!

And you will get all necessary things to improve your making video music skills, including 5 sections: Method overview and introduction, Downloads/Discounts, Shooting, Editing, Marketing, Job Shadows and Bonus

We will reveal some significant points that you care about: 

What Camera Should You Buy? 

What Lens Should You Buy? 

What Stabilizer Should You Buy?

How To Set Up + Balance Glidecams 

Camera Settings (Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO) 

White Balance 

Cinematic Lighting Part 1 

Cinematic Lighting Part 2 

Shooting Different Genres of Music Videos 

How To Make Proxies and Synchronize In Premiere Pro 

How To Sift Through Footage and Create a Master Track 

How To Color Correct and Color Grade Music Videos Final 

Export Settings (3:21)

How To Find and Edit Thumbnails For Music Videos 

Editing Tips and Tricks (3:42)

How To Create Black Bars On the Top and Bottom of the Video (Letterboxing) Delivering the Video

Editing A Music Video From to Finish (Part 1,2,3) 

About Nick Sales

Nick Sales

Nick Sales is a famous producer in this field, he owns a video production company called Aevium Films. Per year, he shoots around 80 music videos for some of the top musicians and Youtubers around the world. 

Because Nick Sales is constantly being asked by other filmmakers how he is able to find clients and make his music videos look so cinematic, he decided to team up with Parker Walbeck to create Music Video Pro, a online course that teaches you everything you need to know to make 6-figures a year shooting high end cinematic music videos.

Now, quickly contact us for further information about The “Music Video Pro 2020 by Nick Sales” in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses which share the same topic, via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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