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The Multifamily Mogul Complete Course [Real Estate] by J.Massey shares strategies allowing you to turn the multifamily properties into the huge monthly cashflow

Extending your cash flow  with the useful Multifamily Mogul Complete Course [Real Estate]

What can you expect from this course?

The Multifamily Mogul Complete Course [Real Estate] is an ideal course training you the portfolio building skills which can extend your monthly cash flow, so that you will be able to spend more lifetime for other personal activities instead of struggling with the business workflow.

The most value benefit that you will gain from this course is speeding up your cash flow by generating more quality tenants which enable you to scale up your farm wider. 

In the current generation, people tend to step on the real estate investing path due to the high profit they will get after each activity, which is the shortest path to reaching the wealthy and success at this time. In particular, investing in multifamily properties is the lifeblood of any real estate portfolio, that stimulate people want to enter in this field but the fact that, to success in this in real estate business, you have to well prepare the strong knowledge for figuring out the profitable opportunities and avoiding the risks might trap you in the failure causing the loss of money. 

According to the piece of information, the Multifamily Mogul Complete Course [Real Estate] is the best choice for you providing the solid first step in this investing industry. You can become a professional real estate agent with the exclusive techniques and qualified knowledge to make offers on properties that will be accepted in many different cases without using a dime of your own cash or credit.  

What will you learn in this course?

You will get through the multifamily properties at the end of this 12-sessions course. Via the Multifamily Mogul Complete Course [Real Estate], you will learn everything about the investing techniques used in the multifamily properties by being trained in the abilities which are finding, dealing, figuring out the offer, what you should do after getting an offer and the methods to secure it.

Let take look at the course outline that summary the content of whole course that you will follow when taking part in this course

  • Session 1: Mindset and metrics: Learning how to establish and work to daily metrics and meeting the high-quality techniques and practical strategies about setting daily goals and earning points through specific tasks.
  • Session 2: Number never lies: Discovering the power of numbers by learning how to use the formulas to determine net operating expense of properties as well as other helpful calculations.  Also, learn about the hurdle rates and the determining methods if a property is a go or no-go
  • Session 3: Marketing tactics and strategies: Learning the specialized systems which will bring you cash flow supporting you to find and talk with investors. Moreover, diving deep into the art of negotiations, marketing strategies for advancing both your personal business and yourself
  • Session 4: The psychology of making offer: Learning the importance of getting over your fears to make offers and formula determining of the deal is a go or no-go
  • Session 5: Put yourself on a points system to win-win: Diving deep in the purchase process and learns methods to generate more deals and different markets along with the way to analyze them
  • Session 6: The rules of investor engagement: In this session you learn the steps of bonding and rapport, as well as the rules of engagement when talking to investors. Also, meeting the new terms such as PIG, white boxing
  • Session 7: Constructing the deal is easy with the P.A.Q: Learning how to construct the deal and the techniques to use the Profit Analysis Quadrant inside of your deal constructions to make sure you are not giving up too much in transactions. 
  • Session 8: A deeper look at the using the P.A.Q: Diving deep in the method using the Profit Analysis Quadrant with an emphasis on Quadrant 3 (Amortization) and how to combine quadrants for greater returns. 
  • Session 9: Creating cash flow: Discovering the concepts involved in how to create the most cash flow as a real estate investor and how Quadrant 4 works in the Profit Analysis Quadrant
  • Session 10: The business of investing in multifamily properties: Learning the whole knowledge about LLCin different states.
  • Session 11: Finding the right property manager(s) and insurance: In this session you are introduced to the steps involved in qualifying property managers, learn about insurance and why you want to have it
  • Session 12: Conversations, contracts and call to action: Receiving the recap of the whole course and getting the bonus benefits that you learn more about creating a good contract and what points the document should include. 

Who is J. Massey, your mentor?

J. Massey

  1. Massey, the master of cash flow, has been known as the CEO of West Egg Enterprise founded in 2009 who has successfully executed more than 200 real estate transactions, in excess of $14M, across eight states in just six years. 

Due to the huge valuable experience gained in the more than 15-year working time, J.Massey is an author, speaker and host of Cash Flow Diary and the same podcasts displayed in iTunes and the Investorpreneur, which are platforms for J. Massey shares knowledge and information about the real estate and investing industry. The high reputation of J. Massey is proven by the success of his trainees who were investors at all levels. J. Massey helped them to achieve the tangible result creating cash flow housing and business sectors. Also, people appreciated J. Massey on account of his contribution to the investing industry the expert guidance in wealth-creation systems using retirement plans and real estate to retirees and those saving toward a comfortable retirement. 

Currently, J. Massey is working as a landlord, private teacher, real estate investing consultant, investment manager, speaker, author, mentor and community advocate. Also, he participates in Wholesaling and Raising Private Capital with the popular courses which are How To Invest in Residential Multi-Family and Commercial Properties for Passive Income.

If you have any questions about the Multifamily Mogul Complete Course [Real Estate]  brought by J. Massey or related information such as price, payment method, please feel free to contact us via the enclosed address below for consultation.

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