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The Minervini Private Access allows you to trade side by side with market wizard Mark Minervini on his platform and get what he picks to trade in real-time.

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Join Minervini Private Access to reach the best education on the market with Mark Minervini

The Minervini Private Access of Mark Minervini will teach you how to trade alongside the U.S. Investing Champion. With the help of Mark Minervini’s time-tested program, you can elevate your trading knowledge and skill to a new height.

You have the desire and passion for investing so you expect winning results but like many investors, you fall short in executing successful trades in achieving your investment goals. Don’t settle for average performance. There is an easier, more efficient way. Minervini private access. With Minervini Private Access, you will receive a two day training and exclusive research that until now was only available to the heavy hitters of Wall Street. Market wizard Mark Minervini and his highly trained team will partner with you as her personal coach providing the expert guidance you need to make more money by executing winning trades as an Minervini Private Access member, you get daily direct access to Mark select buys and sells in real time. Mark has over 30 years of experience with a proven strategy that identifies rapid price moves. With mpa you trade side by side with Mark and earn why you learn. As your personal coach, he will teach you how to apply his winning strategy to your own trading, attend online study sessions, and have your questions answered live. View Mark’s trading screen and watch as he highlights his top stock picks and explains in detail his precise entry and exit techniques. In the stock market, knowledge is power. With Minervini Private Access you will gain the correct knowledge for life. Join Minervini Private Access today and become a better, more successful investor. 


Why you should subscribe to Minervini Private Access with Mark Minervini

  • Idea generation: You can maintain contact with Mark throughout the trading day through this real-time MPA Platform as well as receive direct buy and sell notifications from Mark the moment he identifies low-risk, high-reward opportunities. 
  • Training: View live charts of top stock picks, establish entry and exit criteria, a study of general market analysis, and have your questions answered live.
  • Market monitor: With real-time flash notifications provided, you can stay informed of significant stock market activity, such as breakouts, retreat buys, and overall market conditions. 
  • Trading logger: The software provided enables you to monitor, evaluate, optimize, and enhance your trading.


More information about your course instructor Mark Minervini

Author, educator, and trader Mark Minervini is a well-known technical analyst, author, and instructor. Jack Schwager’s book Stock Market Wizards: Conversations with America’s Top Traders highlighted him, and he has more than 30 years of expertise in the financial industry. The first stock that Mark ever traded was Allis Chalmer, which sold tractors and forklifts. Richard Love, the author of the book Superperformance Stocks, became familiar to him soon after. When Mark first read Love’s book, he was profoundly influenced by his own investment philosophy and professional and philosophical ideas on investing. Mark’s initial goal was to rely only on his trading gains to support himself, but his well-timed investment decisions boosted his fortune and the popularity of his views each year. This trader and analyst now instructs others on how to use his SEPA strategy via an educational website and forum. In 1983, Mark Minervini bought a few hundred shares of Allis Chalmer, a company that sold tractors and forklifts, as his first stock trade. Richard Love, the author of the book Superperformance Stocks, became familiar to him soon after. Having read Love’s book, Mark’s professional and philosophical ideas on investing and the design of his own investment approach were greatly influenced.

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