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The M Word of Emily Fletcher will provide you a deep practice in meditation and enable you to enhance intuition, release stress to improve your productivity. 

Take advantage of meditation and boost your life performance with The M Word of Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher’s M Word training program brings meditation to an entirely new level, from work, career, sex, love and health, by turning an ancient practice into a notable tool for improving your life. This program is for 90% of us who meditate or desire to do so but want to take practice to the next level and make meditation a tool for improving our performance in our lives.

The M Word is a genuinely modern meditation method that offers you practical skills to drastically transform your personal and professional life via meditation. Emily’s simple yet effective technique leads you through every step towards developing your own powerful, individualized mediation practice. As one lesson builds on the next, in all areas of your life you will be able to apply this framework to support your ambitions. In only 33 days, you will be able to sail with confidence, sleep better and find energy reserves which you never knew you must alter your life fully.

Here is what you will learn from The M Word of Emily Fletcher:

  • Deeper Meditation: As you reach deeper realms of mind, a wonderful transformation occurs that accelerates your professional and personal progress.
  • Attain Meditation Mastery: Emily’s technique enables you to effortlessly master your own practice.
  • Enhance Your Intuition: This simple yet effective technique can enable you to attract prosperity, create new opportunities in your life, and accelerate your success.
  • Embody Stress Resilience: a remarkable capacity to resist and refute stress becomes your most powerful tool for altering your life.

Explore The M Word curriculum as describe below to have an idea of what this course is going to teach you:

The M Word program provides you with tools for learning and mastering modern meditation. Emily’s straightforward, proven and successful technique of meditation will be pleasing to you for 33 days. Emily will lead you step-by-step every day to help you sleep better, more vitality and more efficiency. As these teachings are downloaded slowly, you will emerge with your own strong and customized meditation practice. In summary, when you meditate again, you are certain to notice benefits, and you will never feel bored or short-changed.

  • Part 1: Advancing Your Meditation Practice: During this phase of The M Word journey, you will be guided step-by-step through a number of The M Word practices that will help you establish an independent morning practice.
  • Part 2: Taking Your Life to the Next Level: This is where you leave the meditation cushion and enter the real world. You’ll discover how to utilize meditation to overcome daily obstacles, whether they’re at work, connecting with loved ones, or obtaining a good night’s sleep.
  • Bonus #1: Meditation Secrets Revealed: These pre-recorded Emily Q&A Sessions are available for your convenience! Discover solutions to personal difficulties and concerns that emerge throughout the practice, as well as more information about the most profound levels of meditation.
  • Bonus #2: Travel, Children, and Relationship Breakups: Free Guided Meditations with Emily Fletcher for wandering traveler spirits, parents of children of any age, and breakups

Meet your coach Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher is a renowned meditation expert in the globe. She was invited to study at Google, Harvard, Summit Series, Viacom, A-Fest & The Omega Center. Emily, a formerly stressed Broadway artist who went gray at 27, discovered a strong practice of meditation that healed her sleeplessness and restored her health on the first day. She was so dramatic that she felt inspired to share it with others. After years of researching ancient techniques in India and training hundreds of top achievers, Emily Fletcher invented Ziva Meditation, a mental approach that combines meditation’s stressful advantages with mental clarity. Emily’s meditation method draws many top performers including the winners of Oscar, Grammy and Tony awards, NBA sportsmen, CEOs, busy parents and everyone in between. Now, Emily’s purpose is to assist people accomplish outstanding results via practical, modern meditation.

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