Mindset for Maximum Prosperity – David Neagle


Mindset for Maximum Prosperity by David Neagle reveals the top-kept secrets of the millionaire’s mindset and illuminating insights into the 7 Universal Law.

Mindset for Maximum Prosperity by David Neagle

Mindset for Maximum Prosperity by David Neagle is an open source course that you can take to unlock your wealthy life with the shift of your mind. David Neagle walks you through the striking perspectives alongside the powerful actions to achieve the freedom of finance. 

The takeaways of the Mindset for Maximum Prosperity by David Neagle include:

  • The application guideline on the 7 Universal Law to every aspect of your life helps you clearly identify the truth and the toxic impacts. 
  • How to identify the opportunities that are stepping stones to lead a wealthy life and fulfillment. 
  • Insights into the cause and effect principle so that you are fully aware of the power of every single effort you make today is the exponential gain of your future goals. 
  • How to create an abundant source of income to enjoy your life. 
  • The identification of the blocks in the roadmap to achieve financial freedom.  

Details of what you gain in the Mindset for Maximum Prosperity by David Neagle:

  • Instructions on the Law of Cause and Effect are openly shared in the course, which can help you decode how to achieve even your most ambitious goals. The step – by – step guidelines are combined with the illustrations of case studies and examples. 
  • Illuminating insights into the Law of Polarity for your awareness of giant opportunities. 
  • Instructions on the Law of Rhythm for the persistence to follow the long journey of their ambitious goals. 
  • The understanding of the Law of Relativity for the perception of circumstances with the least impact delivered by  your emotions. 
  • Insights into the Law of Gender are shown so that you can distinguish the masculine principles from feminine principles to navigate your actions to earn prosperity to strike the balance. 
  • The mastery of the Gestation law is provided for you to get the right timing of your every move in the roadmap to success.
  • Guidelines on how to adapt the Law of Perpetual Transmutation and the movements of every event dictated by the laws of universe for the shift of your thinking. 

Who will you become after taking the Mindset for Maximum Prosperity by David Neagle?

  • A person with the mindset shared among multi millionaire entrepreneurs. 
  • A person who knows how to nourish and manifest your dream. 
  • A person who has knowledge about the laws to take appropriate actions of the exponential achievements. 
  • A person who has charisma when talking to other people.
  • A person you have dreamt of becoming!

About David Neagle

David Neagle

David Neagle is a popular coach and speaker as well as the author of many insightful courses, training programs, and books about how to achieve wealth in life. David shares with you the best tips and techniques that you can apply to upgrade your skills and knowledge as well as your mindset to another level. In the journey of personal growth, David Neagle walks you through the practical techniques and strategies drawn from insights into the masterminds of multi millionaires. David is now the founder of the huge coaching company, Life is Now, Inc.  

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