Mike Rocca – Commodities


Mike Rocca – Commodities

Commodities with Mike Rocca

Mike Rocca, a senior commodities merchant, agricultural options trader, and technical analyst at Cargill, discusses how technical analysis can add valuable insight into the often complicated and specialized realm of commodities trading. Rocca shows several examples of how technical indicators have become an important factor in purchase decisions at Cargill.

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From the MTA Education Seminar 2005 –
Technical Analysis University

Increase your professional financial skill set by adding technical tools

Our Technical Analysis University faculty consists of five of the most well-known technicians in the world. This session is designed for portfolio managers and fundamental analysts who are looking for an intensive one-day course on technical analysis. In just one day, attendees will come away with an understanding of how various charts are constructed and interpreted. The course will cover integrating technical analysis with fundamental analysis and using technical analysis to quickly get an overall sense of the direction of the equity, fixed income, commodity and currency markets, and use movements in one to forecast another.

This one-day event, captured on disc, brings together five notable technicians to educate newcomers to technical analysis on the basics of technical analysis in a series of five one-hour classes. Topics range from basic chart construction, to advanced charting such as point & figure and Japanese candle charting.

Attendees, and now viewers, will learn from one of the most experienced individuals to hold both the CFA and CMT charters on how to meld these two approaches to identify promising investment opportunities. Legendary technician John Murphy wraps up the day with a session on intermarket analysis, explaining how the charts of commodity, currency, bond and equity markets can be used in conjunction with one another to get a broad overall read of the state and likely future direction of global markets. The presentations include a significant amount of time for one-on-one interactions as well as Q&A opportunities with these technicians.

Introduction to Technical Analysis
Ralph Acampora, CMT
Director of Technical Research
Prudential Equity Group, LLC

Volume, Trend and Momentum
Philip Roth, CMT
Chief Technical Analyst
Miller Tabak + Co.

Introduction to Point & Figure and Candle Charting
Kenneth Tower, CMT
Chief Market Strategist
CyberTrader, Inc.

Incorporating Technicals with Fundamentals
Larry Berman, CFA, CMT
Managing Director
Chief Technical Strategist
CIBC World Markets

Intermarket Analysis
John Murphy, CMT
Chief Technical Analyst

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