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Game Plan of a Winning Trader is a webinar presented by Mike Podwojski & Vic Noble with full recording currently available for purchase on Library of Trader.

Reap a number of information from Game Plan of a Winning Trader by Mike Podwojski & Vic Noble

Vic Nobel’s webinar, The Game Plan of a Winning Trader, included Mike Podwojski, a truly exceptional trader, as the main presenter. Vic and Mike met in early 2007 during a personal coaching session, and their trade has since taken on a life that most people can only dream of. Mike returned almost 350 percent on his account in only six months, and for a whole year, he did not have a single losing month of trading, and only twice did his monthly returns go below double digits. And, in case you’re curious, he never trades with more than 2% of his account.

If you’re wondering about how Mike achieved these extraordinary returns while risking so little, and what exactly he does to accomplish them so regularly, the Game Plan of a Winning Trader webinar is for you. Mike will reveal how he prepares for each trading session and what he looks for in a possible transaction in this unique recording. Additionally, you will discover how and where he enters trades and how he manages his transactions. Also, you may obtain information on how much he intends to risk on a certain transaction, as well as when and where he makes profit.

This is an opportunity for you to hear directly from a student who has graduated to the professional ranks. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a novice, you cannot help but profit from listening to someone of this quality who has successfully crossed over. Consider that you entered the Forex market in order to earn money. It’s acceptable if this hasn’t occurred for you yet. Everything you’ve done up to this point has led you here. Certain moments in your life serve as crossroads, or forks in the road, as the case may be, and this Game Plan of a Winning Trader webinar is one of those occurrences.

Consider what it would mean to have the confidence to go on courageously with unshakeable belief and faith, as well as the conviction to act consistently and profitably. That is what this webinar will provide. And nothing breeds success like success. Allow Mike Podwojski & Vic Noble to serve as your inspiration and role models.

Introducing your two mentors Mike Podwojski & Vic Noble

Vic Noble

Vic Noble teaches prospective forex traders the concepts and objectives of forex patterns in an easy-to-understand and instantly actionable way, with a focus on rapid application. He moved to Vancouver after graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commerce. He went on to become vice president of a family-owned sawmill there. Since childhood, Vic has had a strong interest in trading and has gained valuable insight into the habits of both successful and unsuccessful traders as a result of his years spent working in the financial services sector. As a result of his drive to make a difference, Vic Noble has formed a strategic relationship with with the express purpose of aiding others in building excellent trading habits.

Mike Podwojski is a seasoned trader who boosted the value of his account by more than 350 percent in only six months by utilizing leverage. His returns were consistently positive throughout the year, with just two occasions when his returns fell below double digits in a single month. In addition, Mike Podwojski never trades with more than 2 percent of his total account balance in any given transaction.

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