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The training program High Performance Coaching by Michael Breen teaches you what makes a HPC distinguished from regular coaching & how to drive more clients. 

The training program High Performance Coaching by Michael Breen teaches you what makes a HPC distinguished from regular coaching & how to drive more clients. 

Spot the difference between High Performance Coaching with traditional coaching, therapy and consultancy through Michael Breen’s course

High Performance Coaching was developed by Michael Breen and his company, MBNLP, which specializes in offering NLP training, coaching, and consulting with the goal of achieving maximum effect with the least amount of work and expense.

You will learn the one strange technique that alters the way High Performance Coaching interacts with their customers and makes their style of coaching magnetic. This one item prompted Michael to pause when he first heard it being used, but it is constant among the world’s finest coaches and elevates them to the status of rock stars in the eyes of their customers. Additionally, you will learn the #1 important secret to a successful transition to High Performance Coaching. Michael Breen has seen many brilliant coaches falter over the three decades he has been teaching and coaching because they lacked this one critical mental filter and failed to accomplish this one basic thing. You’re about to discover how to accomplish it. And it will fundamentally alter how you connect with your customers.

High Performance Coaching - Michael Breen
Michael Breen

Moreover, as taught in the course, High Performance Coaching is a certain approach to rapidly increase your charisma and magnetic appeal to your friends, family, and customers. Put this one easy method into action and customers will be drawn to you magnetically. Clients will remain with you for a longer period of time. You will attract prospects. Michael Breen will show you the six easy-to-implement critical distinctions that High Performance Coaching makes that normal coaching does not. Michael’s high-paying customers paid absurd amounts to have Michael resolve these six discrepancies. The advantages of tens of thousands of air miles, many hours of study, and comprehensive live video interviews have been condensed into six major changes that every world-class coach makes that other coaches do not. With the assistance of the course High Performance Coaching, you will no longer doubt which factors really matter – master these six and elevate your coaching practice to a new level.

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Michael Breen has a commanding presence as well as the capacity to discover and invent new things. As an outstanding communicator and skilled trainer, he has the ability to simplify traditionally tough issues without sacrificing any of the depth that may be gained via simple simplicity. These abilities, together with his in-depth understanding of NLP, allow him to present his clients with innovative and effective answers to frequently complicated situations. At the time of this writing, Michael Breen’s work is leading the way in creating and developing NLP while also investigating its most potent applications in the corporate world. Dr. Richard Bandler, the founder of NLP, has a significant amount of experience working with and training with him. This, combined with his successful and original approach to strategic challenges in the business area, provides an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to learn genuine NLP and have it make an immediate difference in their working lives.

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