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Train your managers at home with the Mobile Home Community Manager Training by MHU

Whether you like it or not, your Manager serves as your eyes and ears in the field, as well as a barrier between you and your renters and the only source for completing tasks such as publishing notifications of rule infractions and pursuing collections against tenants. Thus, the manager is a critical member of your team, whether he or she is a greeter or a full-time manager. As a consequence, the greatest chance you have of generating the most money with your park is to have this athlete as thoroughly trained and taught as possible.

Mobile Home Community Manager Training
Mobile Home Community Manager Training

This Mobile Home Community Manager Training teaches your manager how to be a star and then provides ongoing education and support to ensure they are performing at their best. If a well-trained manager is able to rent one more house or collect one additional rent check every month, the effect might be enormous. When you refinance or sell, everything they do is amplified by a factor of ten or more. As a consequence, a wise owner invests in their manager’s training and ongoing education.

What’s covered in this Mobile Home Community Manager Training

The training is divided into 17 modules, each of which focuses on a different component of their profession, totaling around 8 hours of teaching. It is provided via webinar from their computer screen, and they have the ability to start and stop it as needed. Each module concludes with an exam to ensure that students understand the essential themes before going on to the next.

Here’s the course curriculum of this training program:

  • Module 1: Basic Roles And Tools Of The Manager
  • Module 2: Collecting Rent
  • Module 3: Evictions
  • Module 4: Utilities & Billings
  • Module 5: Rules & Violations
  • Module 6: Tenant Interaction
  • Module 7: Communications with Owners & Corporate Office
  • Module 8: Maintaining The Property
  • Module 9: Renting Lots & Selling Homes
  • Module 10: Move-Ins and Outs
  • Module 11: Occupancy – Keeping it and Improving it
  • Module 12: Property Taxes & Related Items
  • Module 13: Advertising
  • Module 14: Forms
  • Module 15: Marketing
  • Module 16: Fair Housing
  • Module 17: Summary & Next Steps

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Mobile Home University
Mobile Home University

MHU is committed to presenting you with the most accurate and up-to-date information available on the mobile home park sector, based entirely on the truth. It equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively find, analyze, negotiate, conduct due diligence, renegotiate, finance, reposition, and run mobile home parks.

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