Metatrader Copy Tool 1.1 (


Metatrader Copy Tool 1.1 (

Metatrader Copy Tool 1.1 (


MT4 Account Copier “CopyToolPro” is MT44 oriented forex software that makes it possible to copy trade operations between different MT44 terminals synchronous. This forex software is developed for simultaneous management of multiple accounts, for which is mostly helpful for those whom manage investors’ accounts and for traders working with many accounts simultaneously.


MT4 Account Copier “CopyToolPro” successfully combines great functionalities that allow effective trading with many accounts and with exceptional usability. The maximum amount of active terminals is not limited. This amount depends only on hardware resources of your computer. Installation and usage is very simple. To copy signals you need to know the trade password for slave account and only investor password for master account.


What’s new in the last CopyToolPro version?


Hedge module was developed according to the new NFA rule which forbids hedge trades. Use our tool with Hedge module to continue trading of locks. You will only need to open an additional account. Long orders will be copied to the base account. Short orders will be copied to additional account.


Reverse module was developed to help traders make loss strategies profitable. Long orders copied as short orders and vice versa.


All potential improvements are under discussion in case you need some extra functionality.


* – Hedge module and Reverse module provided at the extra cost.




CopyTool Forex Software 7 key features


7 key features or 7 steps to success


CopyTool is very effective for copy trade operations between different MT44 brokers:


Copy trades from AlpariUK-Demo to AlpariUK-Real, from FXCM-Live to InterbankFX-Demo, from ITC-Live to ODL Securities.


Copy trades from 4-digit to 5-digit accounts as well as from 5-digit to 4 digit accounts.


CopyTool can duplicate trades and merge trades:


The MT4 Account Copier “CopyToolPro” software supports 4 copy models:



1 Master to 1 Slave


1 Master to N Slaves


N Masters to 1 Slave


N Masters to M Slaves




CopyTool copies all types of market and pending orders:


What kind of operations does CopyTool support?


1) Open market Buy / Sell orders

2) Set pending BuyLimit / SellLimit / BuyStop / SellStop orders

3) Modify of Buy / Sell / BuyLimit / SellLimit / BuyStop / SellStop orders

4) Close market Buy / Sell orders

5) Cancel pending BuyLimit / SellLimit / BuyStop / SellStop orders

6) Partial close of market Buy / Sell orders



CopyTool supports various execution technologies:


The software will process Instant Execution and Market Execution reasonably.


CopyTool copies signals of expert advisors as well as manual trades:


There is no difference between manual trades or an expert advisor orders will be copied.




CopyTool has a lot of customizable settings:


Build your own money management, overwrite lots, stops and comments, use filters, print all relevant information to the log.




CopyTool is open for individual upgrades:


Do you need some extra functionality? The team of developers is willing to help. Let us enhance CopyTool world together!

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