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Metaphors in My Attic by Andrew Austin: Metaphors of Movement Level 1

The new online, video-based training program Metaphors in My Attic of Andrew Austin has gotten 100% favorable response from practitioners throughout the world. This application will have a dramatic impact on your approach to working with clients, changing how you think about the way you listen and speak in clinical practice. This online curriculum covers the same content as the Metaphors of Movement training program, with the additional learning on movements during the last two days.

This is a wonderful learning resource. Movement may be made easier to learn with the helpful Metaphors of Movement approach, created by Andrew Austin. As seen in his Metaphors in My Attic website, he understands visual language to be the vehicle that empowers people. The abundance of films available, especially with regards to client sessions, will guide you through detailed instructions as to how you may look for client metaphors for a quick transformation. Movement metaphors are a collection of innovative and helpful tools for anybody involved in the usage of NLP, no matter what sort of practitioner or therapist they are. An essential reference to the system is found in my Attic, metaphors.

Incredibly well-produced video segments provide the subject with unexpected detail, while additional textual resources offer a rich amount of information for those who read text. This absence of hype, as well as a tendency to rely on examples, allows the software to be both engaging and interesting to investigate. Metaphors in My Attic is a great approach to introduce metaphor work as a therapeutic technique in the years to come. This makes an exception for those who have done work with metaphor in the past. Only a person who has experienced dealing with several customers in the actual world can give these insights and disclosures. This particular edition of Metaphors in My Attic by Andrew Austin is one of the greatest sets of tools for communication development you will have in a long time.

Here is what you will learn from the course Metaphors in My Attic of Andrew Austin:

  • Section 1. Introduction
  • Section 2.  Developing Themes
  • Section 3.  Container Metaphors
  • Section 4.  Status
  • Section 5.  Stages, Treadmills, Objects and Obstacles
  • Section 6.  A Testing Time
  • Section 7.  Demonstration Sessions and Discussions


About the author Andrew Austin

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Andrew Austin was previously a master practitioner of NLP, a clinical hypnotherapist, and a registered nurse with experience in accident and emergency (A&E) care and neurosurgery. He is the creator of Movement Metaphors and Integral Eye Movement Therapy. He develops treatment protocols for mental health and emotional well-being and provides advanced therapeutic and coaching skills training for clinicians and therapists.

Andrew Austin despises life coaches, success gurus, internet marketers, motivational speakers, new age gurus, fortune tellers, particularly psychics, and other human condition parasites in general. The worst of the worst are empath therapists and coaches who identify as spiritual and identify as a “indigo” or “crystal” child. Then there are the 20-something life coaches who lack any life experience and believe that by coaching others, they can give direction. Andrew Austin is well known for creating Metaphors of Movement and Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT).

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