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The Meditation Audio Course from Centre of Excellence will provide you with the fundamentals and general concepts to help you better understand meditation. 

Learn everything about meditation in the Meditation Audio Course from Centre of Excellence

How many times do you genuinely rest and feel peaceful from wandering thoughts and the worries of daily life? Even if you spend some time, do you use that time to rest proactively? Just 20 minutes a day of meditation can dramatically impact your physical, psychological and even spiritual health, allowing you to re-focus and achieve your real potential. With 13 modules and 10 videos, the Center of Excellence’s Meditation Audio Course enables you to learn meditation in full online.

Studying the course, you discover what meditation is and is, and how your inner dialog may continue, enabling you to reach out to your emotions and to deal positively with unpleasant ideas and actions. You will discover all the ways you may benefit from meditation. The courses focus on physical benefits like decreased muscular tension and reduced anxiety, psychological advantages such as boosting self-confidence and improving productivity, and even spiritual development benefits such as greater awareness and deeper self-understanding.

Meditation spans the practice of consciousness with an emphasis on enabling you to observe, analyze and appropriately process your thoughts and feelings. The Center of Excellence’s Meditation Audio Course examines this link and how you may both regulate the mind and have a positive life. The training also teaches how meditation impacts the system of energy of the body and how it benefits mind, body and soul.

You will of course be directed by the practical elements of meditating, preparing you for meditation and starting and developing the practice according to your requirements and goals. Together with fundamental kinds of meditation that help you enter into the mentality and meditation process, conscious, transcendental and concentration meditation are fully addressed.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Meditation Audio Course from Centre of Excellence

  • Module 1: Introduction to Meditation Practice
  • Module 2: The Mind’s Influence on Emotions
  • Module 3: Benefits of Meditation Audio Course
  • Module 4: Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Module 5: The Body’s Energy System
  • Module 6: Preparing to Meditate
  • Module 7: Types of Meditation
  • Module 8: Mindful Meditation
  • Module 9: Transcendental Meditation
  • Module 10: Concentration Meditation
  • Module 11: Other Types of Meditation
  • Module 12: Meditation Practice Audio Course
  • Module 13: Starting a Meditation Group

What is the Centre of Excellence?

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The Centre of Excellence is world renowned platform which provides provide state of the art training courses in a wide range of categories such as Corporate Wellness, Child Education, Herbalist, Language, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Autism & Special Needs, Reiki, Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Psychic & Supernatural, and much more. They have received many accolades for their efforts. The Center of Excellence is extremely happy to be central to a dynamic student community. They never ceased to be impressed by student drive and passion and are nothing better than to watch these graduates successfully pursue further education, employment, business or life in general.

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