McIntyre Method Masterclass – John McIntyre


The McIntyre Method Masterclass by John McIntyre will walk you through step by step how to write the best email marketing to sell and grow your business. 

Enhance your email copywriting skills through the McIntyre Method Masterclass by John McIntyre

The McIntyre Method Masterclass is a four-week course in email copywriting. Within four weeks, you’ll construct a ten-email autoresponder sequence that you can sell for $200-1,000 to customers or use to expand your own company. You’ll learn the same technique McIntyre utilizes to compose emails for these sorts of customers during this McIntyre Method Masterclass. Additionally, you’ll get the email templates and sales scripts that he utilized for years to manage his freelance copywriting company. The McIntyre Method Masterclass does not only impart knowledge. It assigns homework such that upon completion, you’ll have a 10-email autoresponder sequence created entirely by you, as well as time-tested email templates and sales scripts for acquiring email copywriting customers.


The outline of the 4 week training in McIntyre Method Masterclass is break down as follows:

  • Week 1: The Big Picture
  • Week 2: Create Your Outline
  • Week 3: Write Your Emails
  • Week 4: Launch!

When it comes to copywriting, it’s likely that you’re suffering because you lack a comprehensive understanding of marketing. It may seem obvious, yet here is where most people do it wrong. Your emails will write themselves if you get the overall picture correct, but if you get it wrong you’ll lose time. That’s why the McIntyre Method Masterclass starts with The Big Picture module. In Week 1, you’ll learn the most important thing you need to know before you even begin writing a single email, as well as how to produce autoresponders without gazing at the computer screen. To understand why most people get this step backwards and how to break the trend, Week 2 of the McIntyre Method Masterclass will reveal how to adapt your notes from Week 1 into a sophisticated autoresponder blueprint or how to quickly produce content ideas for your email autoresponder series. In Week 3 of the McIntyre Method Masterclass, you’ll learn why topic lines don’t matter, and more crucially, what matters most. You’ll learn how to sell your items in a way that doesn’t offend your audience in this section as well. Psychological techniques will be taught to you so that you can get into the ‘flow’ mode where your writing will all be perfect. You’ll put the pieces together in the last week. If you’re doing this on behalf of a customer, you’ll enter their email addresses into their autoresponder service after signing up for one that comes highly rated. A landing page will be created next, and if you’ve followed the McIntyre Method stages properly, you’ll begin driving traffic and see signups and purchases.


What you should know about your instructor John McIntyre

McIntyre Method Masterclass - John McIntyre

Drop Dead Copy was founded by John McIntyre, who employs a variety of high-level strategies, including conversational language that entices prospects to subscribe to your emails, as well as sophisticated techniques such as the open loop learned in courses such as Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness – the only autoresponder course he endorses. In less than a year, John McIntyre built a six-figure firm, launched one of the most successful email marketing podcasts on iTunes (now with more than half a million downloads), and established himself as a mini-celebrity in his field.

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