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Building Rotational Systems in AmiBroker by Matt Radtke provides illuminating insights into how to develop and adapt rotational strategies for long-term profitability.

Building Rotational Systems in AmiBroker by Matt Radtke activates the setups which enables profits to come back in a loop

The Building Rotational Systems in AmiBroker course by Matt Radtke shares with you the comprehensive walk-through of how to set up the rotational strategies and the adaptation guideline to real trading. The course is designed with 5 modules shedding light on the foundation of basic concepts and the step-by-step instruction in the process of development. The role of AmiBroker to the rotational systems is clarified in the course, with the explicit instruction alongside the illustratrations of charts and case studies. As always, insights into the trading market, in terms of trends and movements, are the mainstays in the development of strategy, especially the rotational systems. 

Overview of what you can learn when taking the Building Rotational Systems in AmiBroker course by Matt Radtke:

Module 1: an orientation meeting with rotational strategies 

  • The elements of a rotational strategy are broken down, along with the instruction on the advantages that it could help you for long-term profitability. 
  • The walk-through of the Sample Strategy Rules is provided.
  • The knowledge about how to adapt a “rotation like” method. 

Module 2: what AmiBroker helps you with the rotational strategy setup 

  • The overview of AmiBroker’s Rotational mode. 
  • The guideline of backtesting Rotational mode for the Sample Strategy conversion.
  • How to evaluate the results. 
  • The pros and cons are clarified. 

Module 3: how CBT recreates Rotational Mode

  • How to keep the rotation process on the right track.
  • The conversion process of Mid level into the Low one in CBT. 
  • The evaluation of results. 

Module 4: the exploration of what CBT can help you with 

  • The walk-through of rebalancing portfolio.
  • How to point out the worst rank for long and short trades. 

Module 5: the Q&A session

  • Your questions and concerns related to the knowledge and skills you learn from the course are addressed by Matt, with the explicit explanation. 

If you have any concerns or requests about the Building Rotational Systems in AmiBroker, in terms of prices, samples, etc. feel free to contact our support team via Email, Skype or live chats on our website. 

About Matt Radtke

Matt Radtke

Matt Radtke has been known for his systematic approach to trading strategies with the support of the AmiBroker platform. Beginning his career as an engineer, Matt Radtke rapidly combines his mechanic knowledge with the trading strategy development. You can gain access to his online courses for the detailed walk-through and simple instruction on how-tos and the answers to why they are the best practices. If you have been trading for a while, the knowledge in Matt Radtke’s courses helps you get the trading edge in the market. If you are beginners, the instruction on the basic concepts is also packed in his courses for you to gain a solid foundation. The illustration of charts is always provided for you to easily visualise the trading strategies and tactics.

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