Matrix of Magic – 6-Month Experiential Intensives – Modules 12-18 – David Crow

Discover what is in Matrix of Magic – 6-Month Experiential Intensive – Modules 12-18 

In this superior program – Matrix of Magic – 6-Month Experiential Intensive – Modules 12-18, David Crow brings deep knowledge of Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medication — as wealthy repositories not only of ethnobotanical understanding for healing the body, however additionally of spiritual practices and mystical insights from the cultures they evolved in. The path Matrix of Magic – 6-Month Experiential Intensive – Modules 12-18 may also encompass the lineages of yogic and contemplative disciplines of its time, classical Asian medicine explored and recorded the subtle energetic systems that lie at the interface of body, mind, and spirit. Below can be a short demonstration of what you are becoming in Matrix of Magic – 6-Month Experiential Intensive – Modules 12-18

  • Module 12: As Above So Below — The Body as a Reflection of the Cosmos 
  • Understanding the link among solar energy and digestive metabolism
  • Module 13: Solar Beings — The Inner Radiance of Sunlight 
  • Concepts of digestive fire in Ayurvedic and Chinese medication
  • The physical, mental, emotional, sensory, and religious functions of the fire element
  • Module 14: Lunar Mysteries — The Nectar of Moonlight
  • How human cognizance is rooted in the essence of flowering plants
  • The relationship among moonlight, water, sweetness, and rejuvenation of vitality
  • Module 15: Celestial Prana & Qi — Biorhythms & Cycles of Time
  • Prana vata and the belief of the glide of time
  • The Prana and Qi of time, seasons, biorhythms, and stages of life
  • Module 16: Listening to the Heart
  • The self-love and self-nourishment of heart-focused meditation
  • 7 stages of heart Prana: coming across the deeper energetic, spiritual, and cognitive dimensions of the heart
  • Module 17: The Inner Pilgrimage — The River of Life & the Journey to Self-Knowledge
  • The heart as the internal teacher, guide, and oracle
  • The heart as a window into dreams
  • Module 18: Conclusion & Overview of the Matrix of Magic Advanced
  • Review and explanation of all meditation practices
  • Review and evaluation of number one targets of path and practices

There certainly will be more in the course Matrix of Magic – 6-Month Experiential Intensive – Modules 12-18 by David Crow waiting for you!

David Crow and more information about him 

David Crow – Ojai Herbal

David Crow is the founding father of Floracopeia, the bestselling author of In Search of the Medicine Buddha, and one in all today’s great synthesizers of ancient plant wisdom and healing lineages. David Crow spent his early years at the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona and New Mexico. Through grit, resilience, and a thirst for learning, David Crow managed to break out his abusive childhood, graduate from university, and construct a successful lobbying firm in Washington, DC. Today, David Crow is a sought-after speaker, giving talks to various companies and exchange organizations around the world. Throughout the years, David Crow has mentored over 200 university interns, completed pro bono service for the charitable organization Save the Children, and took part in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

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