Mastertrader – Mastering Swing Trading


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Mastertrader – Mastering Swing Trading

Become more profitable with Master Trader in Mastering Swing Trading course

Traders and investors who wish to build wealth and income by holding positions for a few days to a few weeks can benefit from the course Mastering Swing Trading by Master Trader. Rather than spending a lot of time in front of a trading screen, the course teaches you a mental process that involves layering technical principles atop each other in order to become a profitable swing trader. No matter what sort of price action is taking place in the market, Master Trader swing trading methods will provide you with the appropriate bias to go long, short with confidence, or to just stand away from the market. Here is what you will walk through during the online course Mastering Swing Trading:

  • How a maximum profit strategy can change trade trends
  • What are investors and traders doing
  • Strategies which produce money over weeks rather than years
  • Management of position and cash
  • The mix of technical analysis used by traders
  • The patterns of candlesticks show what the large money does and when

The course Mastering Swing Trading includes 12 modules which walk you through a wide range of information that dramatically boosts your trading knowledge to a new level:

  1. Foundation of the Master Trader Approach
  2. How to Determine the Trend for Swing Trading
  3. How to Determine the Where, When and Why
  4. Understanding Candlesticks Like a Master Trader
  5. Using Basic and Advance Price Patterns
  6. How to Use the Master Trader Moving Averages
  7. Using Multiple Time Frames Like a Pro
  8. Position and Money Management
  9. The Top-Down Approach that Determines Where the Money is Going
  10. Swing Trading Preparation
  11. Swing Trading Setups Interpenetration and Use
  12. The Professional Swing Trader’s Mindset

Master Trader: Learn the best strategies for master traders

Greg Capra, founder of Pristine Trading in 1994, and Dan Gibby, a top-tier technical analysis option trading expert, oversee the market tactics employed by Master Trader‘s clients. When you’re a trader at Master Trader, you will be able to be confident in your trading and investment decisions as you objectively assess markets, sectors, and equities that interest you. The market education business sells indicators and incomplete education courses, but assures the buyer that it is not through the constant flow of the indicators from a market education industry supplying incomplete education courses and leaving the buyer with queries and bewilderment.

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