Martin Pring – On Price Patterns

Martin Pring – On Price Patterns

The world’s most respected trading technician explores price patterns—today’s hottest trading topic

The use of price patterns is changing the face of technical analysis and trading. In Martin Pring onPrice Patterns, today’s unquestioned technical trading master covers all key aspects of technical analysis as they apply to price patterns, in text and examples that are clear, convincing, and easy to understand.

Pring then goes on to provide a complete, in-depth examination of today’s most widely used price patterns, explaining which work better than others and why. Traders will value this book, as they do all of Pring’s books, for its:

  • Insights into widely used one- and two-bar patterns
  • Examination of outside bars, reversals, pennants, and more
  • Bonus DVD featuring recordings of Pring’s most popular seminars


Martin Pring on Price Patterns provides today’s most up-do-date exploration of price patterns, and how they can be used with amazing accuracy to forecast not only how long an up- or down-trend will continue, but at what point the trend is destined to reverse its course. Covering the relationship between key technical analysis aspects and price patterns in language that is both clear and convincing, and based on a massive research program covering over 10,000 securities, this valuable and hands-on book includes:


Classic formations including head-and-shoulders, triangles, double bottoms, and more, along with outside bars, key reversals, and other shorter-term tools that have become popular with swing traders

Descriptions of the underlying psychology of a price pattern formation, essential in helping traders better judge the significance and potential of a specific pattern

An hour-long DVD training session—featuring excerpts from Pring’s popular “Live in London” video series—that covers the building blocks and select formations of price patterns

The key to success in trading, as in so many endeavors, is to ignore what you hope will happen and focus instead on what has already happened. Martin Pring on Price Patterns reveals how and why price patterns have come to be regarded as today’s single-best tool for traders looking to first determine what has happened in the markets, then use that knowledge to dramatically and profitably improve their ability to forecast which direction a price is likely to move and when.






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