Mark Jurik – Computerized Trading. Maximizing Day Trading and Overnight Profits

Mark Jurik – Computerized Trading. Maximizing Day Trading and Overnight Profits

Mark Jurik taps into the minds of twenty experts who reveal their strategies for maximizing profitability using computerized trading systems.

Unlike other books that discuss one or two of the many aspects of trading, Computerized Trading covers all of the key topics related to the trader’s survival and profitability. Beginning with a discussion of the basic skills a trader needs to design a trading system, this user-friendly guide moves from advice for the novice just getting started to advanced system development and data modeling for the experienced trader. Written so even the most inexperienced trader will understand every step, the chapters combine to deliver the whole picture, including:
Designing, testing, and analyzing trading strategies
Coping with the psychological pressures that accompany different trading methods
Controlling risk by applying a few basic rules and formulas
Negotiating the best data feed deal
Getting the right data, books and software

Complete with over 100 explanatory charts and diagrams, this book also contains several checklists to help traders monitor their progress in developing a trading system that works. Review

Day trading is not for the weak of heart; it’s also not for those reluctant to embrace technology as a means of turning a profit, especially when one considers the competition: institutional investors armed with a wealth of bodies, brains, and expensive computer systems. Editor Mark Jurik’s Computerized Trading preps budding day traders to compete with such Goliaths, providing comprehensive resources for investing and trading in an increasingly sophisticated market.

Jurik enlists the help of 20 experts–a mix of veteran traders, consultants, and investment gurus who author individual chapters. His textbook-style primer starts with the basic trading skills needed to design trading strategies and continues with testing and evaluation methods, including an interesting chapter on the psychology of trading. The guide then progresses into more complex indicators, such as nonlinear pricing and reflexivity, as well as market models using data-mining technology. Each chapter includes an introduction and summary, along with scores of graphs, charts, checklists, and case studies.

The guide certainly proves the complexity and potential risks of day trading. Fortunately, it also contributes enough well-rounded information to guide day traders toward profitability. –Rob McDonald

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