Mark Boucher – The Hedge Fund Edge. Maximum Profit, Minimum Risk. Global Trading Trend Strategies

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Mark Boucher – The Hedge Fund Edge. Maximum Profit, Minimum Risk. Global Trading Trend Strategies

Mark Boucher - The Hedge Fund Edge. Maximum Profit, Minimum Risk. Global Trading Trend Strategies



Achieve higher returns with lower risk and take your profits globally.

A leading hedge fund trader offers a solid and profitable trading approach to the world markets.

“This is the best stock market book that I have read in a long time. Boucher lays it out clearly, concisely, and in a most interesting manner. A ‘must read’ for anyone who invests in the equities market.” -Dan Sullivan Editor, The Chartist

“A leading practitioner offers rich theoretical insights and sound practical advice based on years of successful trading. Mark Boucher is that rare investment analyst who knows what really works in trading and can communicate it with authority and grace.” -Nelson Freeburg Editor and Publisher, Formula Research, Inc.

The Hedge Fund Edge is an indispensable guide for any investor or trader who wants to consistently profit from the markets without having to undergo huge risks. Mark Boucher, hedge fund manager and well-known speaker on trading, provides readers with a solid methodology for achieving market-beating, long-run returns with risk that is substantially below the long-run risk of U.S. and global equities.

Boucher first looks at the limitations of traditional stock and bond investing, and then explains how to determine the safest and most profitable periods for investing in stocks in any country. He explains this strategy both conceptually and with an objective model that has been used to manage money successfully since the 1950s. He shows how to allocate funds among global equities at any given time while following safe, reliable, and profitable trends. The book also provides a thorough discussion of the Austrian Liquidity Cycle, an original combination of Austrian Economics, Economic Alchemy, and Liquidity Cycle Theory. Boucher explains how to use this theory to understand the major moves behind the markets and determine the most profitable market in which to invest.

The Hedge Fund Edge provides critical valuation and technical models as well as essential information on stock selection techniques to help readers identify which markets and stocks are both lower-risk and higher-performing. Boucher also describes, in detail, the impact of governmental policies on the markets and the connection between macroeconomic performance and investment performance. Also included are essential timing models for determining when to invest in gold, bonds, commodities, and other asset classes, as well as methods for allocating a portfolio with the goal of investing in the very best trends at any one point in time across all asset classes. The book emphasizes the power of diversification among asset classes, such as arbitrage funds, global hedge funds, different types of futures funds, distressed bonds, and other market-uncorrelated investments. Boucher explains how this diversification can be used to build a bullet-proof and highly profitable portfolio that returns consistently high profits with much lower than market risk. Boucher provides examples from his own real-time hedge fund trading experience and offers his performance as proof of what can be achieved via these techniques.

The Hedge Fund Edge melds market timing, vehicle selection, risk management techniques, economic insight and understanding, and tactical asset allocation into a totally new philosophy and approach that has been proven to produce spectacular gains with relatively low risk.


Table of Contents

The Risk of Traditional Investment Approaches.

Liquidity-The Pump that Artificially Primes Investment Flows.

Index Valuation Gauges-Do Not Ignore the Price You Pay.

Macro Technical Tools-Making Sure the Tide Is Moving in the Right Direction.

Containing Risk-Sound Strategy and Money Management Methods and the Principles of Character Necessary to Achieve Them.

The Essence of Consistent Profits-Understanding.

Equity Selection Criteria Long and Short-How Profits Are Magnified.

Other Asset Classes and Models to Exploit Them.

Asset Allocation Models and Global Relative Strength Analysis-Constructing a Portfolio.




Author Information

MARK BOUCHER is President of Investment Research Associates, recently ranked #1 in its category by Nelson’s. He has spoken at more than thirty seminars worldwide. An active futures trader for more than fifteen years, he is also Consulting Investment Advisor to the Midas Fund World’s Best Money Managers and publisher of the Portfolio Strategy Letter.

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