Marion D.March & Joan McEvers – The Only Way To Learn Astrology (Volume I,II & III)


Marion D.March & Joan McEvers - The Only Way To Learn Astrology (Volume I,II & III)


Volume 1: Basic Principles

There are many introductory astrology books on the market, but only this one follows March and McEvers’ unique, systematic method. “The Only Way to Learn Astrology” is a true teaching text that shows you how to proceed step by step toward mastery of the fundamentals of astrology.

In Volume 1, you will be introduced to astrology and learn what a horoscope is. The basic symbolism of the signs, planets, houses and aspects are explained in Part I.

Part II gives detailed delineation of each of the planets by sign, house placement and aspect. There are even quizzes to check your progress along the way and encourage you to “think like an astrologer.”

Includes a FREE natal chart offer.


Volume 2: Math & Interpretation Techniques

Part I explains the mathematics of horoscope calculation, with clear, easy-to-follow instructions for erecting an accurate birth chart. You will develop the skills REQUIRED for Certification as a Professional Astrologer.

Part II provides special tools to refine interpretive ability (intercepted houses, retrograde planets, etc.). Part III details in-depth psychological analysis and sensitive points (pre-natal eclipse, Arabian parts, Vertex and more).


Volume 3: Horoscope Analysis

Volume 3 presents refinements of astrological interpretation, as well as the process of “putting it all together” into a meaningful, informative analysis. Part I, illustrated with horoscopes of famous and fascinating personalities, takes you through the 144 possible placements of house rulers – information not found in contemporary astrological literature.

Part II presents examples of in-depth chart analysis using horoscopes of four prominent individuals. Part III covers specific areas of delineation including health, vocation, personal appearance, marriage and more.





“…their method of presenting this material works… In my own classes, March/McEvers students are truly standouts and superior students. — Robert Carl Jansky

“If you’ve ever dreamed of someday becoming your own astrologer, this is the book for you!” — The Bookshelf in Horoscope Guide

“Many subscribers and my students ask for something in the astrological field that puts it all together. This is it!” — Mark Lerner in Welcome to Planet Earth

About the Author

Marion March and Joan McEvers are recipients of the coveted Regulus Award for Education (from their astrological peers in the United States) as well as awards in Australia, Germany, and more. Their “Only Way” Series has sold over 300,000 copies and has been translated into seven languages.


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