MapDel4xMarshal 1 & 2


MapDel4xMarshal 1 & 2

MapDel4xMarshal 1 & 2




I have just finished coding my new EA, MapDel4xMarshal is an EA based

on the MapDel Signal Generating Marshal system.This was due to the

request of traders who says they wanted an EA and not a trade adviser.


I added some filters to make it a perfect one, though there are no

perfect EA but It is 99.9% perfect, this is no hype



Copy and paste MapDel4xMarshal_v1.0 demo.ex4 to the experts folder

Copy and paste volatility.ex4 to the indicators folder under experts.



Here are some features of MapDel4xMarshal v1.0

It automatically sets Stoploss based on previous swing High or Swing Low.

It calculates its takeprofit based on the risk to reward ratio specified.(if Auto_Takeprofit=true)

It automatically calculates Lot sizes based on Stoploss positions and Risk Percent.

It tell you the direction of the trend.

It alerts you by email when a position is entered or exited.

It could ride on the trend if the Use_close_half_trade option=true by closing half of a position on first Takeprofit or impending trend reversal or pullback.

It avoid side ways market based on volatility.

It could be used on any currency pair.

It allows the use of Risk to reward ratio rule

………..and lots more!!!

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