Manifest Like A Millionaire – Laura Silva


 Manifest Like A Millionaire by Laura Silva sheds light on useful meditation practices to unlock the inner strength and hidden potentials for fulfillment 

Manifest Like A Millionaire – Laura Silva sheds light on useful meditation practices to unlock the inner strength and hidden potentials for fulfillment.

Manifest Like A Millionaire by Laura Silva: reconstruct the whole belief system!

Manifest Like A Millionaire – Laura Silva is an ideal course for you to learn the best meditation exercises to unfold your hidden potentials to face different situations with the optimal solutions, and achieve everything you want in life. 

What can you expect when taking Manifest Like A Millionaire – Laura Silva?

  • Part 1: Alpha Anchor for Success

Instructions on mental anchors that help you unlock the optimal human potentials for the achievement of success in every aspect of life are shown. The connection among mental states, attitudes, capabilities, and resources for the excellent achievement. In this part, you will get access to the Alpha Anchor exercise for the development of these valuable anchors. 

  • Part 2: Multi-dimensional Travel

The detailed instructions on Fantastic Voyage Meditation are provided so that you can discover the limitless power of learning new things through existing sources of information. The more things you have knowledge about, the easier the problem-solving process becomes. The practices shared in this part can help you get access to the sources of new information and the best practices. 

  • Part 3: Four Pillars of Success

The four main keys to achieve the ultimate success include stress management, the value of positive thinking, the creation of empowering beliefs, the utilisation of the power of your brain and mind. The technique shared to unlock such abilities is the Mirror of the Mind for Career Meditation. It can help you reprogram your mental state to upgrade every area of your career. 

The bonuses you will gain access when taking Manifest Like A Millionaire – Laura Silva include: 

  • Bonus 1: Creating New Money Beliefs Meditation

You just do things that you believe in, consciously and unconsciously. Therefore, the creation of new beliefs can direct your life in a totally different way. The turbocharged power of memories, experiences and the people of your past as well as the belief system of yours are shown, along with the re-programming techniques for the optimal situations for your wealth and health. 

  • Bonus 2: Becoming A Money Magnet Meditation

The methods and practices of meditation are openly shared so that you can welcome good luck that brings you to the opportune chances to achieve the wealth, abundance and fulfillment of life. 

  • Bonus 3: Pot of Gold Meditation

The meditation practice shared in this bonus guides you to the reunion of your body and mind so that you can channel the energies for the mutual growth of your physical and mental strength. 

About Laura Silva

Laura Silva

Laura Silva is the woman behind the striking approach of the Silva Method for the empowerment of your mind through the application of the visualisation and imagination techniques, positive thinking and meditation. The Silva Method shares with you the detailed guidelines of exercises for relaxation at the Alpha level. The ultimate effectiveness of Laura Silva is shown through the expertises of the methods of controlling mind, meditation, healing power, and so on. The discovery of your own power and the inner strength is activated by the connection with your own mind and body for the turbocharged power, which can be supported in the courses with Laura Silva and her amazing Silva Method. 

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