Management Careers Made In Germany – Dr. Alexander P. Hansen, Dr. Annette Doll, Dr. Ajit Varma


Management Careers Made In Germany by Dr. Alexander P. Hansen, Dr. Annette Doll, Dr. Ajit Varma – A book about studying at private German universities pays off

Dr. Alexander P. Hansen, Dr. Annette Doll, and Dr. Ajit Varma’s book Management Careers Made In Germany demonstrates how to offer the leaders of tomorrow the appropriate education for a management career in Germany. It demonstrates how private institutions in Germany contribute to the country’s acknowledged educational standards while also complementing them with world-class foreign student services.

The book Management Careers Made In Germany is intended to serve as a practical guide, addressing any concerns students may have about studying at a private German university, including admissions, visas, teaching quality and formats, tuition, degrees, subjects, housing, food, and security, as well as international job placement and leadership. It teaches students how to maximize their own earning potential and how to get a top position in a national or global corporation.

The authors illustrate that a degree from a German institution provides a speedy return on investment. Actual success stories demonstrate how a private German university education may pave the road for worldwide professional success.

What makes this book special?

As the first book of its sort and released at the optimal moment for the international market, it will be an important resource for students, parents, academics, businesses, human resource executives, politicians, and German ambassadors worldwide. You will not want to miss any of the well researched material contained herein. The authors succeed in presenting a thorough picture of Germany’s developing and more significant private education industry.

Management Careers Made In Germany
Management Careers Made In Germany

The book Management Careers Made In Germany examines the whole range of Germany’s unique private tertiary education sector. The educational system’s scope includes specialized vocational training, practice-oriented bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as traditional academic and digital post-secondary education.

About the authors Dr. Alexander P. Hansen, Dr. Annette Doll, Dr. Ajit Varma

Introducing Dr. Alexander P. Hansen

Dr. Alexander P. Hansen is an internationally recognized specialist on higher education systems. As a previous counselor to the Indonesian government, head of the German House for Research and Innovation in India, and director of the UN organizations in Paris, he has extensive understanding of both education and business. He has produced several articles and books over his tenure as a professor, researcher, and CEO.

Introducing Dr. Annette Doll

Dr. Annette Doll has extensive expertise developing policies, supporting research, and teaching. She is a specialist in the German, European, and North American higher education systems and has a track record of successfully coaching future leaders on how to exploit their university degrees to get top international employment.

Introducing Dr. Ajit Varma

Dr. Ajit Varma is an eminent professor at Amity University in India. He has extensive experience of global university systems being a professor at prestigious public and private institutions in India and Germany. He is a widely regarded scholar, lecturer, writer, editor, and adviser, with over 100 books and many additional works.

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