Light Expressions Parts 1 to 4 (No Transcript) – Duane and Daben

Awaken your inner self and proceed onto a whole different level of life with the education of Light Expressions Parts 1 to 4 (No Transcript) by Duane and Daben 

Jump onto another level in life with Light Expressions Part 1 to 4 (No Transcript) 

Light body consciousness offers you a powerful opportunity to boost up the evolution of your consciousness. The direction Light Expressions Parts 1 to 4 (No Transcript) is part of the collection Light Body Consciousness courses that was created by Daben and Duane and it is a 5 progressive levels which provide you an extraordinary opportunity to discover ways to enter states of consciousness in which time becomes non-linear and simultaneous. The end purpose that Daben and Duane intention at is for their scholar to have be capable of sense their presence for the duration of many other dimensions, their attitude of their earth existence expands to include their lives in other dimensions, their thoughts is still, divine love is visible shining through all events, and purpose and effect change in the meaning. The direction Light Expressions Parts 1 to 4 (No Transcript) by Duane and DaBen will offer to you the manner on the way to change the nature and shape of your awareness.

With Light Expressions Parts 1 to 4 (No Transcript), you may be going inside your own consciousness to recognize the way you experience and assemble your reality. Duane and DaBen allow their students to discover ways to change something you pick out about your perceptions–you can deepen your intuitive awareness and experience progressive ideas that put you in a higher flow and open up existence-converting possibilities. In addition, the direction Light Expressions Parts 1 to 4 (No Transcript) can have its student to recognize more about the nature of fact and who you’re past your ego. You start to have sufficient cognizance in these “enlightened” areas in order that when you return to everyday fact you may experience yourself in new ways, together with shifts to your perspectives, understandings, relationships, and manifesting skills. As a student of Light Expressions Parts 1 to 4 (No Transcript) you may have possibilities to move in addition to the Inventing Avenues of Expression for Light seminars in a few very valuable ways, together with continuing to learn how to deepen your inner connections with others.

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Duane and Daben


  • About Duane Packer: Duane Packer is a proficient clairvoyant who can see the power fields in and across the frame. He has extensive ability in supporting others to attain increased states of consciousness and to experience subtle energies. Duane Packer has a systematic background (a Ph.D. in geology-geophysics) and wide bodywork schooling with years of intensive experience. Duane has traveled the world as a geologist, studying the earth well. 
  • About DaBen: DaBen is a non-physical being of light who exists withinside the higher dimensions. DaBen is right here as an assistant and spiritual instructor to assist people with their private growth. DaBen and Duane preserve to expand light body skills, specially those who permit people to enter the higher dimensions, to discover their multidimensional selves at ranges and layers of oneness that pass past the soul, and to task into the space of creation from wherein all matter and form comes.

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